Thursday, April 7, 2011

just an encouraging word

Sometimes you read an encouraging word that reminds you of what you are doing it all for. I really needed this one today from the Brave Girls daily emails. Hugs my friends.

Brave Girls Club

Dear Irreplaceable Girl,

It might feel like the progress has stopped, like things have been stuck for a long time, or like they might not ever go past where they are now. But, beautiful girl, if you are working towards the life you yearn for, or even just focusing your attention on what it will take to get there....things are happening to get you there that you don't even see.

Don't lose hope have come so far, done so much, and created such beautiful pictures of it all in your head. If there are roadblocks along the way, just go around them, move them or find another way.

If your heart is telling you the way to go...GO! Even if it seems impossible, or terribly difficult, or futile. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy...and the way something hard-earned feels and tastes has no is worth it!

You can do this...keep up the great work and remember that tomorrow is a brand new day to wake up with a new attitude and a new commitment to do whatever it takes!

You are so loved!


Friday, April 1, 2011

a little serious

Sometimes you don't need a smile, a serious look will tell the whole story for you. This look reminds me of so many things......

she's growing so fast
understands too much at times
is so lovely it hurts my heart
not a baby anymore
her emotions are so deep for an almost 6 year old
I would do anything for her

The colors were inspired by The Color Room 1 Year Anniversary!!! Thanks for inviting me back to celebrate with you this week, ladies!! :)

Amazing how color can set the theme, isn't it? When I first saw this palette for The Color Room 52th Palette, my heart sank......pastels are so not me. But, I thought, I'm going to go with the shabbiness and dusty feel and just embrace it. A little editing made the photo work perfectly with the colors and then it all flowed together.

I drybrushed some Antique White DecoArt Americana Acrylic on the edges to soften and give a more vintage feel to the paper. I added the beads to the center of the flowers by blobbing some glue in the center and then pouring on the beads.....I let a few scatter that had fallen in the glue.

Here's the inspiration and palette, hope you can play along! I linked the photo to get you started.

It's looking like a gorgeous weekend ahead. Spring break is almost over, it's been nice but I think we are all ready to get back on schedule, at least I am. ;)