Friday, February 4, 2011

CHA DecoArt Projects

I have returned! What a great time I had a CHA......I have a little it bad that I was secretly so proud to see so many people walking around with their version of my cupcake canvas from the DecoArt's booth. I was so excited to design their mixed media make and take and Beth and I designed mini canvases for their booth. Sorry these pictures aren't the best....they were rushed because I had to mail them out quickly. Thanks to DecoArt for wonderful product to work with!!!

Dimensional Cupcake Canvas......this uses so many wonderful DecoArt products! The thickening medium through a stencil tinted with Glamour Glaze Paint, DecaPage the new decopage glue, SnowTex for icing with more Glamour Glaze drizzled on top.

A sweet little girl canvas with Americana Acrylics and dimensional flowers, made with book pages painted with Glamour Glaze paint - the finish is really nice - Triple Thick Glaze mixed with Gold Metallic gorgeous!

A bit of mixed media collage using paint, thickening medium, gesso and DecaPage glue.

Some leftover letters on canvas - a layer of Texture Fine with Glamour Paint. The heart is Texture Crackle with a bit of Glamour Paint to highlight.

Lots of texture here - my little cupcake nest. I attempted to pipe some leaves by mixing some Texture Fine with Americana Acrylics - they blended together a little more than I wanted but it still works. The tree bark is Textured Stucco.
Americana Acrylics with Texture Crackle through a stencil.....embellished with a chipboard teacup. I used the DecaPage Glue for the doily.

I met so many friends, old and new at was awesome....I'll share some more about that later. I'm still so See you soon!


  1. Wonderful projects!
    I can not tell which one is more beautiful because I love all!
    Lucy, you are pure inspiration!
    I'll also do some screens, I will make in their inspired, can I?
    Hugs, Tania.

  2. Lucy,
    Wow! Looks like you were a busy bee at CHA. And sounds like you had tons of fun, too! So many products and project ideas, so little time, how do you prioritize?
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Well, last month was all CHA prioritizing

    Normally, I work with a list of what I have due and then whatever is currently inspiring me. But there is never enough time to get to it all. I've learned that it usually will all come together in the end. Keeping a idea journal helps because then I can refer back to things, too

    Thanks for asking, Donna and for your comment. CHA was amazing and so busy!

  4. Tania! You are so sweet! I'd love to see your inspiration. Thank you! :)

  5. Such wonderful creations. I love the canvas with so much texture and color! TFS!

  6. SO fabulous, all of them!
    I am in LOVE especially with the bird/cupcake nest canvas...I would pay good $$ for that one, Lucy! :) :)

  7. WOW....I just adore all of these LUCY!!! That cupcake is PERFECT!!!!

    Looks like a great time was had at CHA!!!!

    Wishing you a great day!!!

  8. Oh no I come to visit and what do I see but a cupcake...and I only mean that in the nicest way possibly! Great to meet you...I love your art - so pretty!
    504 Main

  9. Wow! Wow! Your canvases are just fabulous, Lucy!

  10. Wow....I am amazed...great stuff!!!!


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