Wednesday, November 24, 2010


And no, I'm not saying I'm thankful for my Even though I do love them. Just talking about a spirit of thankfulness this week with Emma and seeing her realize that not everyone has the same advantages that she does.....I'm so grateful for her kind heart.

Thankful for my art - it has pulled me through all the craziness in my mind.

Thankful for my happy that I am learning to love myself and the desire to take care of me, emotionally and physically is now strong, after so many years of that lacking.

Most of all....thankful for my family - I love them with all my heart.

This makes me very happy - a bit messy, layered, artsy - loving the Crate Paper here.

Lots of bits from Restoration mixed with stitching, gesso, ink, fabric, vellum backed chipboard frames.....yum.

brads + ink + stitching = deliciousness

What's on your thankful list today? I'm also so thankful for you.....that you visit my blog and care enough to share your thoughts with me.....THANK YOU!!!!  


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Upcoming Week of Winter Wonderland

We have some great things in store for you Webster's Pages Fans!!

Head over to inspireMe for class peeks and supply lists: Mini Class Sneak Peeks

Here's a peek at my mini project: A embellished Holiday Candle perfect for gift giving and a mini Hybrid video tutorial.....coming soon!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 22, 2010

More.....let me grow

When I saw the November sketch for the Crate blog - I just had to laugh....I had a layout in process that was almost the sketch to a T....Emily does a wonderful job designing these sketches and we had a little laugh about 'great minds'

I wanted to create a layout about what I was currently doing....just a moment in time so no photos on this one - I took a digital frame set and used photos of the book, class and current magazine I've been focused on.

My journaling...if you want to read it.....and a close-up of the DecoArt Texture Crackle Paint on the chipboard frame - this is Terra Cotta. Seriously, I can't rave about this product enough....the ease of use, colors, price point....amazing!!! I also thinned down some DecoArt Americana Acrylics - in White Wash and just let it drip...a nice effect, I think. :)

Lots of mix and match going on here from Crate Paper - School Days, Restoration and an older background from Brook.

Look at the incredible color on this doily from the Chip Chop vibrant!!

We had a really busy weekend....gymnastics was fun, but I'm glad it's over. Thanksgiving is really right around the corner, so a short week for us. Only 2 days of school for Em and then a little break over the holiday. I'm looking forward to that.

Happy Monday to you all!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Paint Free

I've been taking a painting class called: Paint Free by Wyanne. It's about developing your own style....learning to create without as many expectations of perfection. Wow, what a change I can see in my art....I've loved Wyanne's work for a long time and took her class Mixed Media with the Girls last year, but wasn't at the point where I was ready to really spend time working on my painting. Now I feel like it. :)

This is my latest piece from her class - working without a major plan in mind is a real challenge for me.....imagine The background is from our first assignment and then we added in a collage layer and then painted over....this makes me so happy. It's far from perfect but knowing how I grew through this....that's real art.

This was the original piece.

And another painting I've done from the class - this one painted in only 30 minute segments and only paint and pencils or drawing allowed. Letting a piece develop on it's own is an amazing process.

Oh, and all of the paints I used here are by DecoArt.....Americana Acrylics and Artist Quality Acrylics - I am amazed at the quality and high pigmentation in these paints. So happy to be working with them!

I had a really important message this morning, in my inbox......hope that it might have special meaning to you, too......our energy is too valuable to waste. From the Brave Girls.

Dear Important Girl,

We often don't realize it...but sometimes we find ourselves giving all of our best energy to the very things that we don't want. We do this in lots of obsessing about things because we wish we could overcome not forgiving things that have hurt continuing to do things that we know are not right for us because of guilt or shame or expectations....or even fear. Sometimes we have just done the same thing for so long, that it has become a habit, and even though we don't want to give any more of our time or our life to it, we just keep doing it anyway. Sometimes we feel trapped, like there is not a better way, like our choices are gone. We always always always have the ability to choose.

There are lots of reasons that we waste minutes and hours of our precious day doing things that STEAL OUR TIME FROM THE THINGS THAT WE WANT THE MOST...from the places where we are truly needed...the places where we will find the most happiness...the places where we belong.

And that is how we must view it, sweet friend.....each minute we spend lending ourselves, our time or talents or energy or thoughts to something that we really want nothing to do with is time that is stolen from the things that really do matter to us. Each minute spent with the parts of our life that we want to be free from is a minute that we are not at peace....a minute that is spent feeling miserable instead of joyful.

Please evaluate your time, lovely. Evaluate where you are giving your very best self. Evaluate what it would will take to get back on track. It is worth the work, it is worth the scary steps that it may take to get there. You gotta be in charge of one can do this for you.

You are so important...and you have such important things to do.

You are strong, capable and it is time.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Webster's Pages and Unity release!!

Webster's Pages just announced their newest release!!! STAMPS!!! Webster's is teaming up with Unity to expand the latest Webster's lines. My heart is all aflutter......Webster's images to use however I exciting!! Here's a preview:

Just in time for the Holidays - they will be shipping Dec 1 - I can't wait to play!!

Drama - Scraplift

My dear friend, Steph, allowed me to lift her layout, 'Shy' for a jumping off point for my layout. I loved the paint and lines she used so I lifted those elements and embellished some on my own. I just got the new Webster's Pages Digital Papers and Elements and added them into this page. The frames are from the Life's Portraits elements and I extracted some leaves and vines from Hollywood Vogue. The patterned papers are from Waiting for Santa.

Here's Steph's gorgeous layout:

I printed the digital elements onto transparency and cut them out - they really don't show as much as they do in these photos - it was hard to photograph it without a glare.

I painted over the gold leaves from the Webster's Pages Bouquets with DecoArt Craft Twinkles in Galaxy Blue - look at that sparkle!

I also played with a fabulous product by DecoArts.....their Texture Crackle Paint!!! I sealed the paper first with DecoArts Americana Acrylic Sealer, this prevented the cardstock from buckling and kept the crackle paint from soaking into the paper. Then, I painted the Tuscan Red Texture Crackle Paint over the top....the crackle is gorgeous and there is SO much in a will be blown away!!!

I love playing with hybrid products.....would anyone be interested in learning more about that? I was thinking about a video class series. I was just curious to gauge the interest level.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Take a deep breath and just be.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Believe in Love

I believe in love, don't you? After having my daughter my ideas of love changed a lot - grew broader and deeper. Love can change a life, I know it's changed mine.

This is a fun older mix of products for last week's Color Room Palette - it's actually one I did a while back that was in a Brazilian e-zine.

I pulled old favorites from my little color drawers to embellish this - I love the eclectic feel of mixed product.

Lots of torn, random edges and some cross-stitches.

Paint, rub-ons and stamping.

Isn't that pose the cutest?

This week is feeling kind of hectic so I'll keep this short for now.....I'm trying to meet some deadlines....but I want to leave you with a favorite love quote of mine by Rumi:

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Update

So, hope you have a great weekend's gorgeous weather here in Florida. I'm looking forward to spending some time outside and playing with Emma. I had just some random stuff to share this morning....really great things, actually. :)

1. Postscript - this is a newsletter put out by Stampington, the company the publishes the Somerset publications....and I have TWO little guest can see the close-ups and directions here: Christmas Canvas - Butterfly Beeswax Video Tutorial

2. DecoArt.......I have a really exciting announcement.........I'm going to be creating some projects for DecoArts!!!! A wonderful package of textures, paints and mediums just arrived, it felt like Christmas came early!

3. A couple of new publications.....My first in these magazines! Scrapbooking mm, a wonderful Swedish magazine and Creating Keepsakes, never thought I would see that because my style has always seemed so different than what they usually publish, so a pleasant suprise! Both of these have some gorgeous Webster's Pages goodies.

4. Some lovelies from The Chip Chop friend Leeann has some incredible hand dyed doilies and handmade can expect to see me using these gorgeous pieces soon! Thanks, Leeann!!!

Ok, I think I've gone on long! Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

For you Fabulous, Fantastic Girls.....

Do you ever feel like you are getting messages everywhere you turn? I feel like my eyes are slowly being opened to the potential that is in all of us. This is from the Brave Girls email....just had to make it special and share it with you this morning. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Color Portrait

I've been taking this class: Fabulous Faces

I worked on this color portrait using some of the fabulous new techniques I learned. It's a combination of Caran de Ache Neocolor II watercolor pastels and white acrylic paint with graphite pencils. I was honestly amazed at the result. Happy and amazed.

I've enjoyed working on something new and learning recently - a nice change. :)

And something that really touched my heart this morning from the Brave Girls Club.....maybe this message is for you, too.

Dear Happy Girl,

You may be fooled into thinking, after you have tried on the 7th dress of the morning...fretting and worrying over how slimming, how flattering and how new and fashionable each one is...that your friendships, your motherhood, your marriage or your day depends on what you wear.

You might even be fooled into thinking that the kind of car that you drive determines who you are as a human being....or that the neighborhood you live in decides your worth.

Every day we get fooled into thinking ridiculous things, sweet friend. The key to happiness is recognizing just how ridiculous these beliefs are....even if people around us are also fooled into believing them.

The people who matter in your life...don't care what you wear, what you drive or where you live.....they love that beautiful heart of yours.

So please stop putting so much pressure on yourself, friend....stop measuring yourself by these crazy irrelevant standards. YOU are beautiful, amazing, talented, loving, funny, sweet and kind.....your clothes, your car and your house have nothing to do with ANY of that.

Just be you.

You are so loved.


Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments about Artful Blogging.....I feel so lucky to have your support! xo