Monday, December 13, 2010

Sew Somerset

I always love Sew Somerset and this issue is no exception! It's always on my must buy magazine list, but it's always so wonderful to get a free issue when you are published in it!

I had a couple of things in the gallery in this issue - I've put them on my blog before - I'll link the photos to the original posts - if you want to see more details of the finished projects.

I am still so in love with this book - I actually got it back this week and spend some time looking through my details - it made it into the gallery - a couple of pages. :) Here is my original post with all of the photos: Form and Design

And the other piece - another dress form, this time an art quilt - there is a video in the original post showing how I created it.

 Masked Fabric Art Quilt

I feel very fortunate for the publishing opportunities I've received from Stampington.....I've got some other new things I'm working on for them by assignment, my first pub in Somerset Studio coming out soon! When I first started creating mixed media 5 years ago, I would buy Somerset Studio and dream of one day being in their magazines.....and now to be a guest, it's amazing!!  Thanks for letting me share my happiness today!

Hope you had a great weekend.....we had a lot of fun - we took Em out on a grown-up night.....dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant and then to see a one man production of It's A Wonderful Life. A perfect holiday night out with my two favorite people. Nice. :)


  1. Lucy,
    I love this project!
    he is gorgeous, perfect, wonderful, beautiful!
    How I wish I had an equal to myself...
    hUGS !

  2. Congrats on being published. Beautiful projects you did.

  3. Congrats! well deserved pub, this project is many layers and detail...wowzersl!!!

    I totally realte to the whole buying Somerset magazine and wishing, daydreaming about one day being in it. Though, I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't understand their submission process: whether they accept scanned/emailed images, or if they want the actual project for up close examination for consideration.
    Congrats again ;)

  4. awesome Lucy, really love both. I like the altered books like fashion and dress and the second one as well. How did you do the yellow dress and you have some colours by the side...

  5. Huge Congrats!!! Your albums look gorgeous, with so many mixed details!!!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!


  6. glad you're happy Lucy! Hope to see more of your work soon : )


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