Friday, December 3, 2010

Crate Color Challenge

I'm so thrilled to announce that I will be hosting a monthly color challenge on the Crate Blog!!

This seemed the perfect theme for color is such a huge part of my work. We are really wanting to encourage people to mix and match Crate Paper lines and other products - so much fun for me. It allows so much creativity, just what I love from a manufacture!! I so appreciate their confidence in me.

The first challenge is up today - here's my palette, the details are all here on the Crate Blog.

My layout - this is a photo that Em took of me a couple of weeks ago - the journaling and title is about what she funny! I did a lot of mix and match with Crate lines old and new.

And the journaling, so you won't think I'm stuck on - these weren't my words, obviously. A lot of you know how I've really struggled with my weight over the years and have really taken getting healthy seriously this year (I've lost 55 lbs) - I so want to pass a healthy lifestyle on to Em.

I did some watered down paint splatter - DecoArt Americana Acrylics - Tuscan Red - love that color!

Mark and Emma went out and picked out a Christmas tree a couple of nights ago - I'm looking forward to trimming it and the house out this weekend, getting into the joy of the season. I think this may be our last year with Santa.....someone keeps asking me some very detailed and specific questions. She wants to believe but her logical little brain keeps questioning. Oh, that I might never lose that wonder and feeling of magic. I want Em to know that - to always believe in something amazing and bigger than herself. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Wishing you much joy this holiday season.


  1. Sounds great! Love your work too!!! :D

  2. Woohooo... have fun with the colour palets dear!!! Your layout is marvelous, yes, you look hot! Be proud, and have a happy weekend!

  3. Beautiful layout!!! Congratulations on your weight loss.

  4. Where to start. Congrats on the weight loss! And the new Color challenge. Your layout looks fabulous. Off to Crate.

  5. I love this layout so much.

    and the butterflies -are they die cuts or punched?

  6. You are gorgeous girl! and the lo is fab- of course she sees how beautiful her mommy is! Congrats on the rate color challenge- perfect for you! Awesome job!

  7. Emma's right, you are beautiful!! And of course your LO is as well. Congratulations on the weight loss, I need to lose about as much as you did ... ah well, maybe in 2011???
    xxx Peggy

  8. Lucy your handwriting is so beautiful!
    I love the whole layout so happy and beautiful!
    Congrats on your weightloss to!


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