Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Update

So, hope you have a great weekend's gorgeous weather here in Florida. I'm looking forward to spending some time outside and playing with Emma. I had just some random stuff to share this morning....really great things, actually. :)

1. Postscript - this is a newsletter put out by Stampington, the company the publishes the Somerset publications....and I have TWO little guest can see the close-ups and directions here: Christmas Canvas - Butterfly Beeswax Video Tutorial

2. DecoArt.......I have a really exciting announcement.........I'm going to be creating some projects for DecoArts!!!! A wonderful package of textures, paints and mediums just arrived, it felt like Christmas came early!

3. A couple of new publications.....My first in these magazines! Scrapbooking mm, a wonderful Swedish magazine and Creating Keepsakes, never thought I would see that because my style has always seemed so different than what they usually publish, so a pleasant suprise! Both of these have some gorgeous Webster's Pages goodies.

4. Some lovelies from The Chip Chop friend Leeann has some incredible hand dyed doilies and handmade can expect to see me using these gorgeous pieces soon! Thanks, Leeann!!!

Ok, I think I've gone on long! Have a great weekend!


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy for all the AMAZING News Lucy!!! And just think I can say, "I knew her when!" LOL LOL LOL... love ya girl!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Congrats Congrats girl .. it is so great to see good people receiving the acknowledgement they deserve

  3. Congratulations! They all look wonderful, Lucy!

  4. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work is amazing and good that they realized it! Awesome layout and your little girl is just so adorable!

  5. Congratulations Lucy. The Canvases look beautiful in print, great job!

    I will have to look at the magazine articles when I see you. Wonderful news congratulations on both of them!

    Can not wait to see all of your goodies. I will call you next week.
    Love you, Gayle

  6. awesome news , Lucy !!!!!!!!!woohoo ! way to go !!!!!!!!!!

  7. OH MY Gosh Lucy you are totally awesome ...congrats to you... and i watched your video on the butterfly canvas you made it look so easy...I've never used bee's wax - but i think i should give this ago! Thank you also for the little plug on my shop. I hope you have fun creating with the goodies.

  8. Congratulations on all that lovely news Lucy!!! Wowzah, you are one lucky girl (but you totally deserve it ALL!!!)


    Congrats my friend!!!! That is so awesome, I am so excited for you, you deserve it!!!



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