Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Color Portrait

I've been taking this class: Fabulous Faces

I worked on this color portrait using some of the fabulous new techniques I learned. It's a combination of Caran de Ache Neocolor II watercolor pastels and white acrylic paint with graphite pencils. I was honestly amazed at the result. Happy and amazed.

I've enjoyed working on something new and learning recently - a nice change. :)

And something that really touched my heart this morning from the Brave Girls Club.....maybe this message is for you, too.

Dear Happy Girl,

You may be fooled into thinking, after you have tried on the 7th dress of the morning...fretting and worrying over how slimming, how flattering and how new and fashionable each one is...that your friendships, your motherhood, your marriage or your day depends on what you wear.

You might even be fooled into thinking that the kind of car that you drive determines who you are as a human being....or that the neighborhood you live in decides your worth.

Every day we get fooled into thinking ridiculous things, sweet friend. The key to happiness is recognizing just how ridiculous these beliefs are....even if people around us are also fooled into believing them.

The people who matter in your life...don't care what you wear, what you drive or where you live.....they love that beautiful heart of yours.

So please stop putting so much pressure on yourself, friend....stop measuring yourself by these crazy irrelevant standards. YOU are beautiful, amazing, talented, loving, funny, sweet and kind.....your clothes, your car and your house have nothing to do with ANY of that.

Just be you.

You are so loved.


Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments about Artful Blogging.....I feel so lucky to have your support! xo


  1. BEAUTIFUL painting Lucy and loveeeeeeeeeeeee that excerpt! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Oh she is beautiful. I love Tam's classes, they are so full of information. Nice work!

  3. OHHHHHHHHHHH Lucy...this is the colors and the eyes just reach out to you!!!

    Have a great one sweet friend!!!

  4. That's a beautiful portrait!! I love how it came out. Love the eyes and the hair, so pretty. Thanks for sharing that letter with us too :)

  5. Very pretty. I should be so lucky to have such talent!

  6. What an amazing artist you are :) Thanks for the reminders too :)

  7. Love the painting and the letter. thanks for sharing your beauty.

  8. Love all the beautiful details of this, from the highlights in the hair to the delicate lovely, Lucy!

  9. This is so beautiful Lucy!!!!! You make me want to paint again ;) Have a great day. Hugs Jamie

  10. Beautiful portrait. Thanks for the excerpt. Definitely something I needed to be reminded of today.

  11. She's beautiful Lucy!!! I will have to get me some of those materials so I can practice some more myself. You make me wanna work some more on this!
    xxx Peggy

  12. She's really beautiful Lucy! I love the wonderful words! So true!

  13. Lucy, that portrait is amazing :)


  14. That is so so gorgeous lucy. gosh i love it!!!


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