Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's Happening?

Just a little update of the week......lots of fun stuff going around at the Edson house. :)

I just saw the cover for the November issue of Artful heart actually skipped a you recognize the little girl in the top left corner?!?!? Believe me, I was already excited knowing about the article on my blog coming out, but this....thank you, Somerset!!!

And getting ready for the WonderFall Blog Hop for Webster's Pages on Friday.....make sure you come back by and visit the design team's blogs....lots of inspiration and chances to win Webster's Pages product!

And this amazing FREE class.....I'm signed up, you should, too!!!

Ready for Halloween? My little Jack-O-Lantern is......she came out of the bathroom yesterday, saying, I pulled my other tooth....hahaha. Em is so funny about that, she has pulled them all herself and never even tells me, until it's over!

I think I need to go clean off my desk in my studio and scrap this

See you soon!


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  2. She looks as cute as my little Em, with those teeth gone. You didn't tell me !!!!!!! What a fantastic time, did the Tooth Fairy leave her anything ???
    Congrats again about Somerset. Awesome girly.
    Talk soon.
    Steph xo

  3. CONGRATS!! That is AWESOME news!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her photo too! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. TOTAL CONGRATS girl .. YAY .. you totally deserve it .. so so exciting

  5. Congrats on the awesome news and I ADOREEEEEEEEEE that pic!!!

    Have a great one sweet friend!!

  6. Wow!! she looks so grown up all of a sudden! can't believe she's losing teeth already - no loose ones here for noah yet! em is such a beauty, lucy!

  7. Hello Sweetie - what wonderful surprise! She's an absolute doll in the photo...precious. I have your video scheduled for tomorrow! I watched it this evening and love the idea..I'm going to try it out myself sometime in the future. I can't wait for others to see it! Thanks so much Lucy! Lets make time to chat next week!

  8. I agree--this sweet photo needs to be scrapped! Congrats on the cover!

  9. Artful blogging... never heard of it but I will go and look for it.
    Your work is so beautiful, it's no surprise it has been featured.
    Can't wait to see the LO that you do with that lovely photo.


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