Monday, October 25, 2010

Meaningful Journaling

I feel I've really fallen down on one of the jobs of a memory keeper. Telling the story. So often, I scrap the perfect photo, not that there is anything wrong with the perfect photo, of course. Or I showcase the amazing new product lines for the manufacture, which is my job. But heartfelt journaling has taken a back seat in my creativity. I want to change that.

What brought this all to mind is Brandin's journey on the Webster's Pages Blog - I've taken over the Monday posts, giving out the assigments and ideas for completing them. This week the assignment is, you guessed it: Creative Journaling. I came up with so many ideas for journaling and then went to find some of my pages to demonstrate, and came up a bit flat....what an eye opener. So, let me fix this issue immediately!

This layout is created with a combination of the new lines from Webster's Pages: Sweet Season, Wonderfall and Hollywood Vogue.  I painted the background paper (Wonderfall) with a wash of blue paint to give a more contrasting backdrop.

I went back and journaled around the edge of the page with a Signa Uniball pen in white - really thinking about how I am feeling about Emma's age right now.

I used some the adorable new velvet leaves and berries here - mixed with the Bloomers. A mixed color title really added a pop to this page for me. Along with some free machine stitching to accent.

I was hoping that you would share with me some of your ideas for creating heartfelt or meaningful journaling on your pages. With your permission - I'll put some of them together and visit this topic again next week. :)

Thanks for your help!!! xo


  1. What a beautiful LO, the colors fit the page perfectly.

  2. Fabulous layout Lucy :)
    I keep a journal - all the little things that happen that I think I want to remember, or to scrapbook sometime at a later date get recorded in it as they occur. Then I have ready made journaling to go back to when I'm ready to make my page.

  3. When I was scrapbooking, it was always the last thing that I would do. I think it is the vulnerability. I never minded people looking at my happy pictures, but my words were different. Now I see the power in your words and stories. The older I get the more I forget.

    Beautiful Layout, the words add a nice frame.

  4. I've been trying to focus more on this lately,I find myself:

    1. Adding journaling around the perimeter like you did.
    2. Incorporating a larger journaling card onto the layout design so I can add journaling without running out of design-space.
    2. Adding envelopes (like Maya Road's) into the design to add private or lengthy journaling.
    3. Adding a couple horizontally-long rows of handwritten journaling on either side of my title.

    Meaning-wise, I've been looking through my existing pages, thinking about what little moments, personality traits, mommy-ponderings, or other thoughts I haven't yet captured about my kids, my life, my career, my marriage, mu opinions, my hopes and dreams, etc.
    I'm keeping a Word Document open to jot those down, so that when I have a gorgeous picture, I can choose one of those topics to journal about along with the appropriate photo. This is helping me increase the meaning and content of my layouts, and I find it cumulatively paints a more full and accurate documentation of my REAL life, heh.
    Hope this helps! :) Love your work as always, Lucy!

  5. This page is fabulous Lucy!
    I loved the painting and the journarling, oh gorgeous!
    Beijos Re ;)

  6. To me, art journaling and scrapbooking is about heartfelt journaling a lot of times... that's why I started my "weekly art journal" which I write my every week story - I always was (and stay) a writer so it shows on a lot of my other pages too... in all kinds and forms. In my workshops there's always one lesson about journaling too... just take a look at the gallery on top of my blog and you will see lots of examples (especially in the "art journal section") and if I can help in any way, shoot me an email.

  7. I just popped over from Paint Free....your blog is so pretty. I just love the journal spread from the previous post. Looks as if you and I are taking the same classes!

  8. Stunning miss Lucy!!!!

    That red pops it! and i love how you journal on this!

  9. Gorgeous, Lucy! Really gorgeous page. And I love the journaling around the edge.


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