Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spending my Time

I've been examining how I spend my time the past month or so and ruminating over this blog: The Happiest Mom

It's not a 'mommy' blog but truly thought provoking reading. I've been in self discovery mode and learning about myself and been able to let go of some things that have been weighing me down. This month the subject is all about how you spend your time.

I've been spending my time with Emma after school because I don't want her to grow up thinking her mom was always too busy for her.

I've been spending time with my family, because life is so short.

I've been spending my time, trying to create....with limited success. I feel like I am trying to break through a barrier.

I've been spending my time cleaning and organizing my house. Something that has given my a true sense of accomplishment.

I've been spending my time reading and looking at magazines - like this one:

I don't know when I've been prouder of a published piece. One of my little girl paintings.

I've been spending less time on the computer.

Let's see where this leads. :)


  1. Lucy, your post really resonates with me today. I continually question where I'm spending my time, and where I will seek to spend it next year when Jamie starts school.

    I loved your sentence "I feel like I'm trying to break through a barrier" because that's how I always feel when I try to eke out some time to be creative. I feel like it's five minutes here, or an hour there when I'm just too tired to really be bothered. But I'd never been able to articulate my feeling of being up against that barrier. Thanks for putting it into words for me.
    And good luck with your ruminations :). It's hard, finding the balance, and spending our time in the most meaningful way, isn't it.
    Congrats on the painting.

  2. I am so there with you my friend!!! I have been meditating on the same thoughts....balance and priorities and cutting out those things that won't matter weeks from now.
    Thinking about you girl!!! Thank you as always for your inspiration!!! I appreciate you!!!

  3. Good for you!!!! I too have been in the same place......health issues and the need to get things in order and grab every minute with the family!!!!

    Enjoy your adventure.....we all support and love you!!!

  4. I for one am not happy about you spending less time on the computer! c'mon, you have to take care of you FAN base!!! LOOOOOOOOOOL...
    okay, well, when i can catch u , i'll jump on the chat chance ;) otherwise, go ahead, be a good mommy! :)

  5. Lucy, I understand what you're saying. At 47, with 2 teenagers to raise, I struggle for balance regularly. Letting my artistic inclinations grow and develop is very important to me, too. Up until recently, I let what other people want and need dictate what I do. And my art has helped me move beyond that "impossible" life, into the land of imagination and growth. I'll not let that go ever again.

    I encourage everyone I know to write, draw, paint, whatever interests them because it is so important to let your heart be free! So, I will miss seeing you here but know that when you reappear, you'll be a happier, more fulfilled woman and that is what is most important.

    Peace and best wishes,

  6. way to go, Lucy , with putting your priorities in order for your own life!!! - Congrats on Em's pub too !!! ;) I'm sure it will all translate beautifully into your art when you're happier with yourself in the moments that you have for it !

  7. I think I need to go read that blog. Thanks.

  8. I love your work that was in Somerset and Holiday Celebrations!


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