Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photo Actions

Photo Actions are a wonderful tool I use a lot in Photoshop Elements. The thing I love about actions is that you can take a good or average photo and make it incredible. Actions simplify the step-by-step editing process and create effects or looks on your photos.

I recently purchased these photo actions: Florabella Luxe Photo Actions, her photography is stunning, too.....just go and drool. ;)

Then Gayle took some photos of me and I played in Photoshop for a couple of hours.....just trying out the different much fun to see the amazing effects you can get with just one or two clicks. These are so worth the money. Here's a few I played with:

Emma let me do a little photoshoot earlier this week, lots of new photos to play with. This is one expecially tugs at my heart - she looks so grown up.

If you are wondering how to install your actions here is a really great tutorial: Installing Actions in PSE. There are many great free ones out there, too, to get you started....a couple of my faves are: Pioneer Woman and Coffee Shop.
Do you have any favorite actions on your list?


  1. Beautiful photos! Love that ring!

  2. Lovely photos Lucy. Can't wait to see how you scrap them. I'm sure they're going to be gorgeous LOs.
    I love actions too. I have the PW ones and use them all the time.
    I'm saving my pennies for Maggie Holmes' Colour Mix actions... when I get through my list of chores... .

  3. Gorgeous photos!!!! I love my florabella actions!! They are the best!!!

  4. These phots are so beautiful! Thanks for the info about where to find some free photoshop actions!

  5. Gorgeous photos Lucy!!!! I haven't played around with this stuff but now you have my curiosity so I will be real soon!!!
    Thanks for sharing the info!

  6. gorgeous pictures !!!!!
    and thanks for the info


  7. Lucy, the photo of you is stunning indeed!!! How wonderful that you and Gayle can get together and play! Your Emma is so gorgeous... I'm sure you can't take a bad pix of her.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs, Amy Tara

  8. thanks for sharing! I love it! I was using PW for sometime.. i am checking out coffeeshop now!

  9. you all look just gorgeous here & the eye highlights are really outstanding !

    & the before & after pics of that Florabella acctions simply sold me ! alas I dont use PS yet ! sigh !!!

  10. Wow! What stunning photos, Lucy! Truly spectacular. I am such a dummy about all this photo editing stuff. Never even heard about actions....isn't that pathetic? ;)
    Sure wish my photos looked like yours, though, so perhaps I need to come out of the dark ages and learn a thing or two.

  11. Lucy, what gorgeous photos!!! I may have to try some of those actions too! I'm a dummy on editing photos though!!! LOL!


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