Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Days Gone By

I found a wonderful vintage magazine called Comfort {May 1930} at the local antique mart and immediately fell in love with the vintage ads and this wonderful cross-stich pattern. It was perfectly suited for my theme with Restoration by Crate Paper and this photo of my grandma and her sister.

Aren't the vintage look chipboard signs adorable?!?

Each one reminded me of something about her life.

I painted the doily with Shimmerz Pearlz - I love the contrast it provided and left the doily nice and soft. And also you can see a couple of the buttons I made using paper clay and Shimmez - you can see the video here:

I've been trying to get back into creating mode....I've really gotten into a slump. I'm going to try scraplifting myself to get a boost. Hope that helps. What do you do jump start your creativity?


  1. Hi Lucy,
    Page was wonderful! beautiful!
    So many things I do take the absence of the creative process, I am now experiencing various health problems with family.
    do scrap brings peace to my mind.
    For me, making a scraplift is honoring the talent of other scrappers.
    I'm sure your creativity will come back soon so we can follow his work is wonderful!

  2. I love this layout Lucy! Aren't you clever making your own buttons and stuff!
    I take a rest when I lose my creativity. I have learned that it cycles around and goes in natural peaks and troughs.

  3. Hey your buttons and all the new shimmerz colours...I love that the phone rang thanks so much for the tut it was totally awesome and also your LO was just superb.

    I hope you time away was fun and relaxing.

    I too lift myself and and i also like to check out my faves for some inspiration!!!

  4. You blow me away, lady... This is SO fabulous!!

  5. ooh that layout is GORGEOUS, really beautiful xxx

  6. Oh the LO is just stunning....

    Thanks for sharing the How To on the buttons..I love how they turned out!!! Where do you purchase the clay?

    Have a great one!!! :-)

  7. Wonderful LO! Lucky you to find that old paper, it looks so great! Love the buttons you made!

  8. Lucy, I jump start my creativity by visited your blog and all my scrappy friends!!!

    Great layout, I really love how you used that old vintage paper it is just perfect for the photo!!!

  9. this is awesome! and i love your video, so cool

  10. This turned out amazing Lucy! See..thrifts stores are good! :)
    I think visiting other artistic people is very inspiring and I've yet to see a scraplift that didn't take on a life of it's own once we put our own creative spin on it!

  11. comin by to say hey sweet friend! hope all is going well with you! Love that vintage lo - you so rock girl! btw, that is a beautiful photo of you and Emma on the beach. :)

  12. So amazing. The photo is priceless and the page itself is just gorgeous. So intricate!

  13. Love all the deatils you put into this page Lucy - it made it that much more special! You always do great tutorial -TFS!

  14. I love your work, and your wonderful artistic details! Love this page!!

  15. What a gorgeous layout this is Lucy! LOVE the old magazine page - I'm such a "thrift junkie" myself! I've been away for a couple of days and have to find my mojo back too... surfing all the blogs helps me to "get in the mood" or - as you do - scraplifting yourself! (Another tip: spray ink or paint. Just dripping on paper - see what you "find" in the spots, like looking at the clouds...!) Have a marvelous weekend!

  16. such a wonderful vintage page, Lucy ! I love it that you used your own clay buttons here too !

    In fact I tried out your clay buttons tut almost immediately after watching it & had a go here :

  17. This is one of those things that I played with years ago and then totally forgot about! These are just adorable Lucy!

  18. Lucy, this is Aunt Mary. I enjoy looking at your blog. I hope you are using a lot of the pictures I sent with your Mother of Grandma and some of her family and my grandmother Helen. When you get your scrapbooking done will you please send back my originals. I would like to make some copies for other members of the family who are making heritage scapbooks. You do a wonderful job with your ideas. I'll be watching YOU!


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