Monday, July 26, 2010

Vintage Girl

Creating projects for CHA is both fun and intimidating. Knowing you are one of the first people to work with a new line gives me a touch of butterflies in my stomach. And when you design for CHA, you are really trying to show the product, not just your style and photos. But I'm fortunate, Webster's never disappoints me and I had lots of ideas for using the new Hollywood Vogue line.

This one has some of the new charcoal Bloomers - this is a color I will reach for again and again!! And the Sparklers - the colors are fabulous!

And this photo - we had a fun photo shoot a few weeks ago. Em was a willing participant....that is not always the This photo captured a time gone by for me - hence the title. I edited the photo using a texture and action so it has a lot of depth.

If you are heading to CHA - stop by the Webster's Booth and let me know what you think! I won't be there, but you can email me. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention....I'll be hosting a chat at inspireMe for those of us that aren't at CHA - it will be on Wednesday, July 28 at 9 EST. Stop by if you can!


  1. This is so pretty Lucy! I love the new charcoal flowers too!! I am going to have to grab some of those as soon as they come out!

    You always do an incredible job with the Websters was like they were made just for you!

  2. Love this one Lucy!!! The colors are perfect and I adore the elements!!! Those flowers are just stunning!!

    Wishing you a Fabulous week!!! :-)

  3. This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Lucy!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that photo and the new blooms! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. I'm in love with the new lines from WP!!! And love what you did!!!!! Always Amazing creations from you!!!! Em is such a beautiful girl!!!

  5. Wowwwww, this is so beautiful LO.
    Have a great week !

  6. WOW - this was extremly beautiful!!! Love the flowers and the colours that you have put together!

  7. Adorable lo Lucy! I can't wait for all the new Websters to come out!!!

  8. This page is sooo beautiful! I want this collection too!

  9. This is beautiful Lucy, I love the colours, all of the little details and that picture is just gorgeous!
    I would also like to thank you for your encouraging comment on my last blog post, that meant so much to me. Yes, I've been trying to do multiple pic LO's, and yes, I am still trying to figure out how to attractively do that. You are so right about that. I am going to take your advice and not give up though. So thank you Lucy, you're very sweet!
    xxx Peggy

  10. Oh, what a beautiful page!! :) Have fun at CHA, too!!

  11. Lucy,
    You did a great job with gorgeous elements, as you always do! The love for your daughter always shines through and that takes a unique talent; we are so lucky you share with us!

    Just curious to know how you store all of these fabulous 3 dimensional layouts afterwards?

    Always enjoy your work,

  12. This is lovely!!! This paper is fabulous!

  13. Lucy this is beautiful and your work is amazing as always. Tell my girl Emma she looks amazing the photo and your CHA work.

    I will see you when I get home.
    Our flight is at 6:45 am tomorrow morning. Guess we will have to leave for the airport at 3 am. What was she thinking when she made those reservations??? Think I will let her drive us there. LOL

  14. This is stunning, love every little bit of this layout!
    Beautiful Lucy!!That photo is so beautiful too!Love it!


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