Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clean-Up RAK

Amazing!! You can see the top of my desk!! I've been trying to clean in my studio off and on and finally got busy this weekend and decided to share some of the wonderful goodies I've been hoarding with a RAK on my blog!

It's a good mix of old and new - with some Webster's, Crate, MME, FP and lots of other stuff put together...I've made it all work, like a kit, but you can do whatever you want with it! I'm still adding to it as I clean, so who knows what else you might get?!?

I was so excited when Jaz shared this fun mention in Scrapbooking Memories Australia with me!! Modern Vintage inspirations....and I was included! So flattering!! Thanks, Steph...for locating this issue for me!

Ok, to be eligible for the RAK (internationals welcome)....just leave me a comment, describing your style in 5 words, or so....I just had to do that, and I found that quite difficult. I'm curious to see your response!! I'll leave this open until Friday.


  1. Not sure I have a style, I would say I'm quite decisive, I don't measure, so wonky. Also fuss-free. Not because I don't like lots of embellishments, but because they just never look right.

  2. Well, of course you're mentioned - because you ROCK!!
    Your RAK idea is sooo much fun! I think I might have to do one like that, sometime! Not gonna participate in this one since I'm in Sweden - but good luck to everyone else! :D

  3. My style is currently shabby chic & vintage!!!

  4. varying,complacent,particular,doodly & proud.

    Wow now that was super hard, wasn't sure that doodly was even a word but I always seem to enjoy doing a bit on each layout. It's always varying, I get complacent which can often be described as arty for me anyway, am particular about my embellishment placying and proud I have a dear little boy to document his growth in pics and words.

    What a fantastic idea to ask this question.

    Love Melxx

    ps. I saw that in the Scrapping Memories mag. You have lots of fans over here.

  5. I'd describe my style as shabby chic with a tinge of pink! *Wink*

  6. Everyday Stories. Whimsical. Patterns. Eclectic.

  7. I'm not sure I've got a cohesive 5 word sentence to describe my style, but 5 random words might be:

    Does that count?!!!!

  8. Yippee, a RAK!!!!!
    Okay, I think I go good with both shabby chic and bold papers:) Love soft colors too!!!
    Does that explain my style? :)

    Always love your work, Lucy!!!


  9. Girl....you and I have all ready had this discussion!! LOL LOL LOL!!! :):):):):):):) Ok...let's see if I can do this!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.....My style is BRIGHT and FUN! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) And YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for the shout out! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. Super fun RAK!! I don't really have a set style but I usually tend to like the out come of my layouts the best when they have clean lines and lots of layers... so there ya go... clean lines and layers!! Thanks for the chance to win!! :)

  11. I would love to have this to scrap with while I am visiting with my sister in USA and away from my stash for the next few weeks. You could ship it right to her and I'd be set!

    OK, my style -- I just did LOAD, where we had to define our style, so this is easy for me right now: pretty, fairly simple and meaningful.

  12. Oh no...style....seems I have been in the same style tooo long....but I adore clean lines, lots of pp's, flowers and I have using lots of mists and colors...I guess my style is SIMPLY ME!!! :-)

  13. My style is heartfelt, fun, eclectic, busy, and sincere!

  14. Gosh I have no idea? LOL that's 5 words. Seriously my style seems to change as often as the weather.... some things I do favour though; layering, distressing, stitching, Prima :D and paper strips. (at the moment... it might change next week ;) ).

  15. I was so excited to see your name up in lights in the SM mag!!! Your work is amazing.

    What a fabulous RAK, you are so generous.

    My style would be- Layered with splashes of lace.


  16. Very dificult to answer you Lucy because I love the shabby but to my boy for example I love to use a lot of papers and color so it must be FUN and Happy as he is. So i think I can do a little from several styles
    Thank you Lucy.

  17. oh wow! that is hard to do...

    ...my style is funky, fun and very colorful

    thanks for the fun giveaway opportunity!

  18. I got this in one word....Eclectic!

  19. corky, tattered, vintage, masculine, and evolving,


  20. Thats so awesome Lucy! Congrats!

    Hmmm My style - thats hard!
    Eclectic, everchanging, meaningful, honest and true.

  21. Lucy don't you just love it when your workspace is clean? I usually grumble about cleaning my space up, but enjoy the surprising finds when sorting through my goodies, then the best part of ALL is making it messy again creating ART! Now to my style: eclectic, fun, vintage, variable and familial. Familial for the family tree I made with photos from me to my great grandparents, the shadow box I made after my Dad passed, all the pieces of furniture he made, and antique pieces Mom collected and gave to me! Memories and love these pieces have value beyond measure!
    Thanks for sharing, your work is so heartfelt and enjoyable to see, Donna

  22. Five words, huh? Well, here goes:
    1) shabby chic
    2) dimensional
    3) layered
    4) birdies
    5) flowers

  23. My style is elegant, shabby, colourful, subdued and prolific.
    What a great question. Hugs xx

  24. Wonderful Lucy! My style is ecclectic, detailed, layered, shabby-esque, whimsical. I love your style! Thanks for being a source of inspiration! -Alisa

  25. My style is romantically feminine.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  26. shabby, inky, distress grunge-o-licious goodness!!

    how's that??

  27. hmmm 5 words, really?
    here goes

    vintage (sometimes)
    bright modern (sometimes)
    arty (try to be)
    technique addict (always)

    wow that is hard, thanks for the opportunity Lucy.

  28. I would say that my "style" is clean, modern, fun and a bit sassy!

  29. My style currently is up-beat artistic free-style bright and bold! :D

    Thanks for this chance to win!! :D

  30. My style is eclectic, colorful and whimsical. I like that it's always different. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. My style? i think it's very close to vintage, i love distressing and layering and making detailed pages. Thank you for the chance to win:Szilvi

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  33. Hmmm...My style in about 5 words...

    Shabby Chic distressed flowery textured..

    I love the feel of paper..So definitely textured...


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