Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crate Tutorial Video

A couple of weeks ago I showed a sneek on my blog of a video I was working on for Crate Paper and I'm happy to say it is ready to be revealed!!

Crate Video - Mixed Media Paper Collage from lucy edson on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! :)



  1. Oh did it again.....PERFECTION!!!! I just adore it and of course this goes on my to do list!!! I have a great spot that I would love to make one of these to display!!!!

    Thanks again for sharing with us!!!

  2. i love how easy this project looks from start to finish ! & such a pretty result too ! Thanks for sharing , Lucy !

  3. love your tutorials Lucy! keep 'em coming!

  4. Lucy, What a great tutorial and now I won't bug my husband to throw away the lumber scraps. He'll love that! You are so clever and generous, thank you!!!

  5. Hi Lucy! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! Unfortunatly I don't think my papers will be available in the US :(
    If you want them you will have to order them from a European online store, sorry...
    Wanted to let you know that your art is amazing! Totally love it!! And your LO's are gorgeous too, but I already told you that I think :)


  6. What a fantastic canvas, great idea!!

  7. Oh, I love this tutorial! What a great project and your tutorial was so easy to follow. Thanks for sharing ...Alice

  8. This is a great tutorial! I am very inspired to try this technique. Thanks so much!


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