Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 Years

15 years ago tomorrow, we were married....just typing 15 years is unbelievable. Happy Anniversary, Mark! I love you.

Like most married couples we have made it through a lot, both good and bad. The best being our daughter. The worst...well, we've always kept trying and I'm proud of that. Because marriage is hard at times, as most of you know.

I've learned a couple of things that really changed my life though our relationship.

1. You can't try to find your happiness in another person.

2. He can't read your mind, so tell him what you are thinking.

Realizing those two things have made me a happier and more independent person. Able to be a better wife, friend and mother. Finding my own strength and joy inside of me.

I'm happy that I chose to marry this man. I've put him through a lot and he's a keeper. ;)

Sorry this isn't a sappy love post...but life isn't a romance novel. That should be #3 on my list. lol


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! And I completely understand!!!!! And now these day is easier to get divorce than fight for each other, so I'm so happy now you have 15 yrs together!!!

  2. Congratulations Lucy and Mark.
    I´m married 11 years ago and really nice your advices to us, very usefull.
    Thank you
    Janete from Brasil.

  3. Happy Anniversary Lucy! Your words are so true... something every couple should keep in mind when they first get married. Keep it real. Smiles! ~Amy Tara~

  4. Happy Anniversary Lucy and Mark! 15 Years is a milestone worth celebrating, do you have any special plans? Best wishes for many more happy years, Donna

  5. Happy Anniversary lovebirds!! marriage is hardwork.. we all know that :D

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!! You two are adorable and may you have many more!!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats :) Hugs Jamie

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Loveeeeeeeeeee the PERFECT advice! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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