Thursday, May 20, 2010

Design Evaluation

Just a old fave to share today - one that I was saving for a call that didn't get picked up. One of my first forays into trying to find a little cleaner style with more white space. Lots of Shimmerz on this one - on the felt and dots.

Just thinking about that today, after a conversation with a friend, the feeling of coming into your own style. I was looking through my inspirations folder and the designers whose work I am drawn to and thinking what is it? I realised that I love: white space, clean designs with LOTS of detail and amazing photography. I want to tell a story with my pages, even if it is just an emotion. I still love shabby or vintage, but not an explosion on the page. And I am trying to merge my mixed media with scrapbooking, more and more, not sure how successful that is right now, but something to work on.

Do you evaluate your style from time to time? I know I do constantly and it is ever changing and evolving. How do you feel about your style right now? I'm in love with mine, that's a happy place to be. I'd love to hear how you feel about yours.



  1. I have such a hard time with the tiny picture and lots of white space myself, but this is rockin'!! The colors are gorgeous!

  2. I wonder a lot about my style and I think still have not found mine, I see so many beautiful things, wonderful works, I do not know exactly what I want.
    But that's life, made of experience, we always looking for new techniques, but the important thing for me is to put emotion into everything I do in a simple detail.
    Congratulations, this LO is amazing and beautiful!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeee that lo lucy!! And i am constantly wondering if I even have a style..I feel like each one looks different and no real pattern! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Hi, Lucy!
    First, your lo is stunning! Can I lift? I'm looking for my style, but like you I love white space. Love many details, layers and ink.
    But I think that most important is feel happy in the end.

  5. Beautiful LO Lucy.
    We are supposed to be finding our style as part of the May LOAD challenge. The first thing was to come up with three adjectives and mine were pretty, [fairly] simple, and meaningful.
    Kinda broad, I know... but leaves lots of room for me to be inspired by other scrappers whose style may be far and wide from mine.

  6. Lucy,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog:)
    And I love how you used the Prima paper!!! Very stunning!!

    My style.......hmm.....
    Well, actually I'm in kind of a slump right now. Don't feel excited to scrap:(
    As you say, I want to tell my story in my pages too. But, maybe I'm lost right now. I know these often happens to all creators. So maybe the best is to take a break.

    I'm still maybe searching for my style...

    Sorry for a long post. hehe

    But, I truly love your style!!!!


  7. I really love this LO! The red swirly background with the swirly green overlay thing is utterly tremendous! The contrast and texture of those two simple elements together is really something else!

    I am not sure I have defined my style yet. I am all over the place and kinda move from jam packed to simplistic from project to project!

  8. Love this one Lucy...such wonderful details and maybe that is just what I need to do is look into some changes...I am in such a rut and the mojo has just disappeared!!!

    Thanks for sharing with us today!!! Have a great one!!!

  9. I've been thrilled to read your comments today.

    I have often felt as each of you have described. Must be part of the creative process and growth.

  10.'s been too long since I stopped by your blog Lucy! SO much inspiration here! I will admit, that I am in a very happy place with my creations right now and I love it! I really feel that everything I am creating lately is most definitely me! Happy creating to you my dear friend!

  11. Lucy, that lo is divine!!! I love your style and how it has evolved over the years. I'm constantly rethinking my style but i've come to the conclusion that I love layers and white space, so I try to embrace this as much as I can but still like to try new things.

  12. I do believe you right on the money with this current style , Lucy !!! lots of white space, details , mixed media & fab photography & of course your signature use of color ! ;)

  13. That is a stunning LO Lucy!!
    I know what you mean....I am constantly looking at my style. and Reconfiguring it lol I love looking at everyone's work and picking up on their signatures. I hope that my style and work have a uniqueness to them. I guess that's what we all kind of strive for is to be original and be happy with what we have created in the end :)


  14. This is such a stunner!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

    And amazing photography is for the few and far inbetween. Vast majority of people have just ordinary snapshots... The challenge is making those look relatively good, just relatively so :)

  15. Hi Lucy! LOVE this page so much.
    I haven't scrapped in a while, but I am drawn more the the clean lines with more detail and lots of layering... love the vintage distressed look still, but it was taking too long for me. I like creating quickly but with still adding my touch and the things I love.
    Your work is always amazing and will always have the "Lucy" mark :)
    new blog:

  16. Love this one too Lucy!
    I always am searching for "my" style...,used a lot of paint and mist, then I didn't and now i find myself getting back to that.Just let it flow.Loving your style foe sure ;)


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