Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Somerset Memories

If you get the chance, I hope you pick up the latest issue of Somerset Memories. It is gorgeous and that's not just because I'm in it. ;)

Here's a brief glimpse of my layouts in this issue:

I was thrilled to be on the same pages with some of my friends!! Bethany Karchner, Gayle Martin, Stacy Cohen, Emmeline Seet are just a few!!

Wishing you all Happy Easter!



  1. Love that magazine and just adore all of you girls....super talent!!

    Guess what arrived today....MY SHIMMERZ and I am so excited to get started using them!!!

    Have a great one and CONGRATS!!!

  2. i have never seen that mag...musn't be in australia...but well...congrats to

  3. Oh, that is so exciting! You must be thrilled! I will be sure to pick it up (I'm obsessed with all their publications) and get a closer look, Kristin xo

  4. Oooh, yes! I will have to look out for it. There is one place here that sells it, I think. Congrats on the pubs :). Love your work so much!

  5. This is awesome. I´ve never seen this magazine but it seems wonderful! Congrats and happy easter!

  6. I've seen it !! so many familiar names & faces ! absolutely ! lol !

    Congrats on the pubs again !

  7. WOW Lucy, congrats on being published in that wonderful magazine!!! Want to have it!! I don't know if this is for sale here in the Netherlands, gonna have to find out!!

    Wishing you a happy Eastern too!


  8. So exciting, Lucy! Huge congrats!
    Happy Easter to you too!

  9. I bought the book and saw your beautiful layouts!!
    I love all of your layouts Lucy, especially the one featuring your walk at the beach! :)

  10. Wow Lucy your layouts are magnificent and this mag is amazing as it lets you see the depth with the textures, if possible could you let me know if there is a website to see about getting a copy. Melxx

  11. Congratulations! Beautiful layouts! I'll have to pick up a copy.

  12. This is awesome. I´ve never seen this magazine but it seems wonderful!
    I loved your blog .... You are very talented.
    I always come back.
    A Happy Easter full of peace, love and good health!
    Hugs and kisses from Brazil

  13. Lucy - we are so excited for this issue of Somerset Memories! You have some amazing layouts that we were so happy to publish. We always look forward to seeing your work - it was a pleasure talking to you the other day, call me any time!

  14. Congratulations Lucy!
    xxx Peggy

  15. Congratulations on your beautiful layouts Lucy. Cannot wait to purchase copy of Somerset Memories at Joann Fabric today.


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