Monday, January 4, 2010

Face to the Sun

As the new year starts, I felt like this is a good theme.....face to the sun, also the title of my painting. My mom fell in love with it while she was here and so I sent it home with her, where she needs a little sunshine. We so enjoyed her visit and she returned home on Thursday.

The background the girl is painted is a watercolor paper background I have had around for a while and when she turned out so well, I mounted it on a painted canvas and added a few embellishments.

I've been doing some scrapping this weekend and starting a project to submit for the next Sew Somerset. Still have to finish up another mixed media painting that I was working on while my mom was visiting. I've got some new layouts to share later this week.

I'm becoming a student again for a while, and it feels great.....I'm taking an online painting class - Mixed Media with the Girls by Wyanne and DJ Pettit's class that starts in the morning - Memories and Manipulations. I have been feeling like I want to mix it up a bit, you know how your work can become stale if you don't keep growing? So on that track right now.

Happy New Year to you all and I just want to say how thankful I am for your comments and visits. Bring it on 2010.....I'm ready to change and grow.



  1. Oh LUCY....this is STUNNING!!!! Your work amazes me!!!

    Have a great day filled with smiles!!! :-)

  2. Wow, Lucy! Your Face to the Sun project is absolutely gorgeous! How talented you are! I so wish I could do things like that. Good for you for taking some new classes. Always wonderful to learn new things.
    Happy New Year to you!

  3. love love love the piece! no wonder your mom fell in love with it! Happy New Year Lucy! I look forward to watching you grow this year! Your work is amazing!!!!

  4. that is amazing Lucy! you're really, really talented!!

  5. seriously, that is amaZing! gosh. takes my breath away. can i commission you to make something for me? seriously!

  6. Totally love this Lucy!It's awesome!
    I wanna learn some new things to this year and grow...sounds so much fun!
    Enjoy your workshop!Have to keep an eye on somerset sew ;)

  7. Oh wow!! That is one stunning piece!! I wish I can draw better especially human... LOL!! Happy 2010 to you :)

  8. Lucy, this is just GORGEOUS! You just amaze me everytime I see your work. I really think you should make duplicates of this and sell them on etsy...I would buy one from you in a second!!!!

    Happy New Year my friend! As you have probably noticed, we werent able to come down for the Christmas week, I am going in for surgery next week and will be laid up for 6-8 weeks. Money is a little tight because of this, we are planning on hopefully trying again this December, I think we might drive down and do two weeks this time instead, so It will all turn out for the better in the end!!! Talk to you soon!

  9. Holy cow girl! This is really beautiful!


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