Thursday, January 28, 2010


CHA was a fun filled event, full of vintage and mixed media inspiration! Vintage and jewelry took center stage, with canvas and burlap a close second, lots of metal embellishments everywhere. The company didn't hurt any either. :)

I am realizing what a terrible photographer I am in the documenting area.....I don't have half of the pictures that I thought I did....however, Julie, my roommate shines in this area and many others.....I would recommend you check out her fabulous CHA postings to get the full overview......Balzer Designs.

Ok, a few of my faves.....Melody Ross for GCD Studios....loving the mixed media angle of self embossed chipboard using metal stamps.....her canvases were gorgeous.....I was fortunate to get to meet Melody at a lunch with some of the ladies from Somerset publications....she is super sweet and generous!

Canvas, canvas and more canvas.....Prima, Pink Paislee, Maya Road, and Canvas Home Basics (love their stuff) all featured canvas and I loved every minute of is one of Donna's aprons......I've been using canvas and burlap forever and love to see it!

Felt and alterable jewelry blanks were hot...these bangles were really cute....sorry I can't remember the booth, Hambly's make and take also was a wooden bangle with wonderful!

*Note my wrist with the Hambly make and take....and some of the new Hambly luscious peacock feathers!! Photo by Julie Fei-Fen Balzer.

Making Memories got into the vintage jewelry, too.....with Jill Schwartz designing.....I want it ALL!!!

And my FAVE of the show.......VINTAJ.......brass jewelry findings....their examples are beyond gorgeous.....take a peek at these lovelies!

And meeting some of my wonderful online friends for the first time in real life.....if any of you read this post....send me some photos, please. ( Just a few off the top of my head......Natathie Kalbach, Julie Wolcheck, Kerry Lynn Yeary, Kristi B, Staci Taylor, Stacy Cohen and many re-acquaintances.

I've got more to share from the Webster's booth...including my layouts with 2 of the new lines. See you soon....laundry is calling.



  1. Everything looks wonderful - love the peacock feathers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome photos, Lucy! You have me excited for the next one. I'll be going to CHA-S...hope to meet you there.

  3. It was SO great getting to meet you in real life, girl, especially since I already knew i'd love ya ;-) My computer is being veeery slow while I blog tonight, so I will send you some pics tomorrow :-)

  4. SO glad I got to see you!!! I am with you on all of the vintage and alterable this CHA. I think Canvas Corp was my fave of all. Can't wait to get it. :) I loved the trends this year. Hugs girl. I hope you had a good trip home. Have a wonderful weekend <3 Jamie :)

  5. I have been hanging around at Balzer a bit too much in the hope I could absorb some yumminess...and boy have I!!!

    You must be pleased to get home and have a cuddle with your daughter.....I'm pleased you had a great time and hope people keep up those promises to send photos!! A girl has to have something to scrap after all!!

  6. You lucky lady you! I am so glad you were able to enjoy this experience and bring it back in pictures for the rest of us!!!
    Loving the canvas apron...and all the jewelry!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Lucky lady indeed! So happy to hear you had such a great time! Love all of the things you shared as some of your faves! I am loving all the canvas stuff too and especially that new tool from Melody Ross!

  8. Oh.. I love the vintage and jewelry. Very cool pieces. Have a good rest, girly. Thanks for the pictures. I went over to Julie blog. Wow... she got lots of pictures

  9. loved having met you at the show!!! :)

  10. I really missed being there! Looks like you were super busy, but had fun!!!! Love your photos, and I'll be looking you up again this Summer!!!


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