Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Masked Fabric Art Quilt

Coming to you from Missouri, yes......someone missed their plane.....that's right.....laugh away, I had to so I didn't cry. So now, back to Florida on Friday.....

In other news.......Shimmerz Spritz is perfect for masking on fabric as you can see on this video I made. It added an amazing sheen and color to my masked mini quilt. Take a look at how I started this project:

I added a little more misting to this after I finished the video - the dress form is Chickadee Spritz the shadow masking, Ruby Spritz and then I added a little 4 Leaf Clover on the right side and Mango Madness over the left edge of the Ruby to add a little more color.

To make my sample into a mini quilt: I layered the masked fabric with cotton batting and a cotton backing, creating a quilt sandwich and with light yellow embroidery thread, free motion quiltied the outline of the dress form first and filled the background with a random pattern. After completing the quilting I straightened the edges and zig-zag stitched them to stop any fraying.

Then, hand stitched some paper doilys onto the sides and layered a few embellishments.

The top has some gold Hambly rub-ons applied after the quilting - I love the look of rub-ons on fabric.

I have some other samples from creating my video and I'll share those with you as I complete them.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy another way to play with your Shimmerz Spritz! To see all of the DT videos together in one place visit the Ed Team Vlog.


About the missed flight.....I went to the wrong airport, if you can belive that one......I am slightly accident prone, those that know me will attest to, laughing through my tears this morning.....especially after I had to purchase more expensive tickets with no refund.

Who knows what will happen next? Snow flurries on the mom said maybe something good will come from this.....let's not hope for a early blizzard or anything. ;)

Also, forgot to share.....I had a couple of layouts on the Cosmo Cricket blog yesterday! What a fun suprise to see them on my google reader....I was thinking....those look familiar. ;)



  1. This turned out sooooo pretty. I love the hambly rubs and all of the stitching. Gorgeous. So sorry about your missed flight. Hope you have a safe trip on Friday.

  2. Love is soooo pretty!!!!

    So sorry about missing your plane!!!! Hope all goes well on Friday!!! :-)

  3. I love it Lucy, right up my alley.

  4. Ohhh Lucy, sorry...I tried so hard not to laugh about your story...I feel sorry for you, I can imagine it feels bad to miss your plane!
    But what a GREAT quilt you made, WOW!!! I LOVE it, such beautiful colors!!
    Wishing you a safe trip home!!


  5. Oh Lucy what a gorgeous project, you clever girl.

    Sorry to hear you missed your plane, would freak me out too.

    Hugs xx

  6. Wow! This is beautiful Lucy! I love the stitching and rub ons...just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing this video. Our mutual friend Audrey Hernandez mentioned your blog and I'm so glad I stopped by to visit. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Lucy!!!!! I am so sorry to hear you missed your plane. At least you get to spend some more time with your parents!!

    My computer had a virus and I was down and out for weeks. I had to delete my facebook and all..not fun!!! I tried to post to your blog but it wouldnt let me do that either. I am so sorry!!! I hope all is well with you and these are just beautiful as always. Thanks for always inspiring me !!

  8. Lucy! This is just beautiful! I remember you had a project up your sleeve with a dressform but this is gorgeous! Love the rub ons on fabric...what a great idea. Now hurry home!

  9. Tried calling your house today. I will call you tomorrow on your cell. RRreallllllly bad weather here today in Florida. Tornado warnings,rain, rain and more rain hail etc, they whole 9 yards so you did not miss any thing. Sorry you missed you plane, but I am sure you were ready to come home.

    Your mini quilt is really pretty so you are accomplishing some thing while you are there. The colors are beautiful!

    See you soon!

  10. That turned out gorgeous! Great job! Fingers crossed for you tomorrow! :)

  11. Sorry to hear you missed your flight....things happen for a reason, you know!

    Beautiful work...the Hambly rubon on was is all your stitching!

  12. Oh wow Lucy.... just so cool and clever.... looks like i have lots of watching to catch up on.... thanks for popping by... and you suggested gel medium on the denim buttons awesome idea... thanks for that...will actually give this ago as i have some really

  13. Girl, this is just too amazing! Really... how do you come up with your ideas?! I just love the look of those gold rub-ons on your quilt... GORGEOUS!

    And, um... sorry about your missed flight!

  14. I'm not a quilter myself but I do really appreciate a beautiful art quilt. I've become more and more familiar with art quilts and how papers, transparencies and what not can be incorporated into them as well. This is a beautiful, beautiful art quilt. I love it!!! You should definitely submit this to Stampington.

  15. You make misting look so easy :) LOVE it!

  16. That is such a wonderful project. You are so darned creative!

  17. oh dear is that just fabulous! gorgeous!

  18. Sorry to hear you got stuck in MO! Hope you finally made it home!!!

    Love that technique with the masking! You are always thinking outside the box and I just love the inspiration!!!

  19. So sorry about missing your plane!!!! Hope all goes well on Friday!!!

    Work from home India

  20. ooohhhh this is so so pretty!!!!!!


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