Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little News

Just a little Shimmerz newz.........a DT CALL!!! If you love to get messy and work with some fun product - this might be for you!! Also have to give a shout out to my sweet friend, Beth who just joined me and the girls on the Shimmerz Education Team!! Congrats, Beth!!

Been busy over at inspireMe this week!! The 12 Days of Christmas Crop is going strong! The response to my shadow box was awesome - thanks so much and the inspiration is just CRAZY over there!!! There is lots still going on if you haven't checked it out yet...head on over! Here is a little inspiration I got from Wendy's paper crumpling will be seeing more on this later.....hehehe.

This award was passed onto me by the amazing and talented Chimene!!

Answering these questions with only ONE word was kind of hard.

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your hair? straight
3. Your mother? moving
4. Your father? gone
5. Your fave food? cake
6. Your dream last night? scary
7. Your fave drink? water
8. Your dream/goal? live
9. What room are you in? livingroom
10. Your hobby? creating
11. Your fear? loss
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here
13. Where you were last night? bed
14. Something that you aren't? alone
15. Muffins? panera
16. Wish List Item? Flip
17. Where did you grow up? Missouri
18. Last thing you did? pedicure
19. What are you wearing? t-shirt
20. Your TV? on
21. Your Pets? none
22. Friends? treasured
23. Your Life? complete
24. Your Mood? sad
25. Missing Someone? yes
26. Vehicle? Honda
27. Something your not wearing? shoes
28. Your fave store? Macy's
29. Your fave colour? turquoise
30. Last time you laughed? recently
31. Last time you cried? days
32. Your best friend? happy
33. One place that I go to over and over? wal-mart
34. One person who emails regularly? Steph
35. Fave place to eat? home

Thanks for thinking of me, Chimene!!

And.....Big thanks to my readers - I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comments - You are the BEST!!



  1. Love the List is always so great to learn more about your friends!!! Wishing you a great week!!!! Thanks for always keeping me inspired!!!! :-)

  2. Lucy !! so love this lil pretty project of yours! and YESSSS your gorgeous shadow box at WP is HOTTT ;) -jaz

  3. It is lovely Lucy, thanks so much for the inspiration, love your work!

  4. Macy's .... yep wish we had one ..... I visited one when I was in LA a while back. Bought these unreal Kate Spade Shoes on sale. I think I have worn them once, they are too beautiful to wear !!!!
    Love that ornament, what a wonderful take on Wendy's Challenge. I think the fact that it is so small and cute, kinda beckons me.
    Steph xo

  5. I really love the ornament you've made.

    Someone gave me the same award last october. It's fun.


  6. urmm.... adoration overload yet again!!!

  7. Lucy, I love that project!!! it's adorable! And you are so suited for the Shimmerz Team! I haven't worked with their products but they look right up my alley! I love glitz and glitter!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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