Monday, November 2, 2009

Flopsy and a little witch....

Playing with some Sassafras.....yum! I love combining their lines for a fun, whimsical look!

A little bit of gesso and misting with some Baby's Breath Shimmerz Spritz to soften the lines in the background.

Some decorative machine stitching to accent.

Digital frame from French Laundry by Sande Keiger.

And my little witch.....she asked for a glamorous and spooky look. hehehe....Quite a combination.

She was so excited and we had a great time trick-or-treating. Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween - see you later this week.



  1. oh what a very cute little witchy you have there.

  2. Oh your little witch is so PERFECT!!! The LO....WOWZA...I just adore everything you put your hands on and the layering and details.....sigh....I LOVE!!!!! Have a great week....:-)

  3. Em is such an adorable & glam looking witchy for sure ! her hair is just gorgeous too ! ;)

    Fab work with the Sass !

  4. Lucy ..... love love love this layout.

    It's so ultra gorgeous. Yummy.

    Loved talking to you today, I want to come over for Halloween. How much fun do you guys have ???
    Em looks to beautiful. Gorgeous but Spooky !!!!!

    Steph xo

  5. Beautiful layout, Lucy!!!
    LOVE all details!
    And your daughter is such a cute witch!


  6. Cute LIL witch :) Beautiful LO You rock the Sass that's for sure. Hugs Girl :) Have a great Monday Jamie

  7. Lucy, I love this layout! Wonderful details and dimensions! The colors are so vivid like Em's dress! :)

    Cool witch! Have a wonderful week Lucy!

  8. your little witch is mindblowingly beautiful.. just like her mama!

  9. Adorable layout!! Love all the fun colors!

  10. I love this LO! So beautiful colours and amazing design too!


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