Thursday, October 1, 2009


Don't you just love it when a project works just like you imagined? That was my feeling with this OTP piece.

4 ATC's mounted on a decorated wooden board. Each a little snapshot of highlights of our summer vacation - Glorious!

The side angle:

I used some Shimmerz here - on the back of the transparency and let it dry to look like sea spray. And on the background - Eucalyptus Shimmerz Spritz.

My worktable was covered with all of these little embellishments - it was so fun putting each one together. Em made a little friend - so cute! And the title is a glass slide with alcohol inks with the title letters layered on top, a little gold leafing pen to accent.

I added some glitter into the paint and layers on the wooden background- book pages on the bottom and layers of paint - with some sanding back to reveal.

Experimenting with some wire wrapping and pearls. There are bits of fabric and odds and ends added into each piece.

A fabric tag from Making Memories and a tiny jar filled with sand and more wire wrapping, I stamped on an acrylic tag and tied it down.

I've been crazy busy this week - lots of new stuff coming this month. And loving the hint of fall in the Florida air, it is 55' this morning!! Makes me feel creative. See you soon!



  1. Love love this project. The textures are amazing and the colours too! Love that wire around the bottle. Where did you buy those bottles?

  2. Hi Lucy, nice work love the glitter and layering!

  3. stunning Lucy, I love the overall feel of it.

  4. What a great project!!!! I am inspired to go create one for the boys!!! I adore your..SUPER TALENT...! Wishing you a great weekend!!! :)

  5. such a masterpiece each atc is ! awe inspiring , Lucy ! your attention to detail is just superb !

  6. WOW! Breathtakingly stunning! Seriously. I would love to see how your house is decorated! Must be gorgeous. Em is lucky to have such a gifted mom who creates these pieces for keepsakes for her.

  7. Lucy this is truly a masterpiece. I wish every one could actually see it in person. I assure you all it is amazing work and such detail. Love you- Gayle

  8. wow wow wow! Can't think of anything else to say but wow!
    xxx Peggy

  9. That is SO cool, Lucy! So, so cool! I love all the detail! And always love all the fun techniques you use on your projects. You are just so darn artsy and creative, my friend!

  10. wonderfull projest! i love it!

  11. oooh, this is so gorgeous, lucy! i always love the little bits and pieces you add into your work! and how sweet that em made a friend! :-)

  12. This is fantastic!! I just love all the little details!!

  13. This project is so beautiful. I love the use of ATC's to do small versions of one trip. Amazing work!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Wow Lucy, I happen to think that this is one of the most beautiful creations EVER!!

  15. and GGGGGGG---GORGEOUS this is!!!! WOW look at al the details ;) -jaz


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