Thursday, October 22, 2009

Earth Love - Cosmo Cricket

And I do mean LOVE!!! I totally fell in love with this line and so enjoyed creating with it - a huge thanks to A Million Memories and Cosmo Cricket for sponsoring the DT this month and my creations! :)

First up is the layout I used for my tutorial at AMM for the Anniversary Crop last weekend - if you would like to see it - here is the link - Lace Mat Tutorial. I came up with a creative way (I think) of stitching your lace strips so you can move them around to get the perfect placement.

A fun little card - using some Shimmerz, too - I am going to work on a little tutorial to share on how to make the fabric/leather look.

I've been enjoying playing with my photos in PSE a lotb- this frame is by Carina Gardner from 2Peas. The woodgrain background is some textured wallpaper that I had in my stash - looks kind of cool, huh?

And time to get messy - gesso, Shimmerz and crumpling - fun!

Ok, now you can't tell me that you don't love this line now, too!!

Thanks for hanging through all of the pictures - I just wanted to post it all together for the full effect.


btw - I am having problems with my photos looking blurry - in PSE they look fine and when I upload them to Flickr they are sharp but upload to Blogger and they look pixelated. Any ideas?


  1. These are just way too cute! Love the use of shimmerz.... really gorgeous, Lucy!

  2. All of these are beautiful Lucy!! I love them all! Your work is very inspiring, for sure... thanks so much for the inspiration!

  3. These are all really great Lucy! You never cease to amaze me with your talent and fun techniques!

  4. Oh Lucy...I love them all and yes this is a great line!!!! Keep them are so talented and I so enjoy all the beauty!!!! :-)

  5. Fabulous, fabulous work on these. I just really love your style. Oh, and the photos look OK to me. Maybe it was a one-time fluke?

  6. Fantastic lucy...just love the new cosmo stuff... awezome creations... I also just click on the link that takes me to your creation thats in the somerset mag...WOW thats awesome... thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  7. You just keep on getting more talented don't you Miss Lucy. !!!! Im sure you inspire everybody that comes to your blog .... they really are gorgeous layouts xo

  8. Lucy !!! awww i spilt my coffee over my keyboard when i saw your gorgeous work here ;)lol ;) They are truly love love all your techniques shared here ;)-jaz

  9. I totally love these, lucy! And i was wondering about that woodgrain - I can't believe it's wallpaper!

  10. the textured wallpaper, are you kidding me? they look awesometastic!


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