Sunday, October 18, 2009

AMM Anniversary Crop Blog Hop & Scavenger Hunt

As part of AMM’s anniversary crop we’re having a blog hop and a scavenger hunt. Here is how this will work: each one of the AMM Design Team members will have a special post for the blog hop where you will have the chance to get to know them a little bit better. At the end of the post, there will be a question that will lead you on a hunt through the AMM site and/or AMM blog (the link to the AMM blog can be found on the left sidebar of the main store site). Be sure to check the anniversary crop forum for complete information on the Blog Hop Challenge.

Here’s a little interview for you to get to know me better:

What is your favorite item in the AMM store at the moment? my favorite new fall line - perfect colors for fall!! Cosmo Cricket's Nutmeg

Are you a messy scrapper or clean and tidy? messy, very messy

What are your 3 must have scrapbooking products/tools? Fabri-tac glue, cutterbee scissors, border punches

What was the last scrapbook item you purchased? Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg

What non-scrapbooking items do you love to use on your pages? fabric and paint

What scrapbooking item do you have way too much of? everything but that one thing I

Using 3 words - how would you describe yourself? creative, crazy, compassionate

What scrapbooking embellishment or technique do you use on almost all of your pages? Stitching or misting

How long does does it normally take you to complete a layout? anywhere from 1-3 hours, hopefully not much longer than that.

What is your favorite new trend? grids and mixed media techniques

Is your spouse, significant other or family supportive of your scrapbook hobby? my husband is wonderfully accepting of my hobby :)

Now onto the scavenger hunt! Here is your question:

AMM receives new items for the store every week. How many manufacturers had new items in the store in September (not including AMM’s unique offerings)?

Now head on over to Mia’s blog for your next scavenger hunt question!

Have fun!



  1. Hey Lucy...thanks for popping by!!!!

    messy is totally awesome and crazy love love crazy people!!! lol...and my CB designs when it arrives...I will let you know and you can give me your snail mail address and I post some to you to play with!


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