Sunday, August 2, 2009

Final Days of Summer

Since it is already August that is such an appropriate name for the kit from A Million Memories this month. Michelle brought my kit to me at CHA so I set myself a different challenge - to design my layouts without the pictures - while I was at CHA and then find pictures to fit at home - I usually work the opposite way - pictures first. Can you tell a difference? I think they are more design driven - not as photo centered.

Isn't the kit so pretty and shabby!

And one of my new Webster's projects as promised:

Me and Brandin at the Webster's booth at CHA. Brandin and Terri were so, so nice!! I am so in love with all of the new releases and have so many ideas swirling in my head after seeing them in the booth.

My layout displayed in the booth with the new embellishments - these are so amazing in person - can't wait to get these!

And people you of the best things about CHA was the online friends that I had the pleasure of meeting! Stacey, Patti, Erin Yamake, Cari, Julie Fen Bazar, Brandin , Terri, Amy Tara, Anabelle, Danielle, Dina Wakely, Norma Kennedy, and I know I am forgetting others so please forgive me.

Gayle, Cari Fennel, Me - Let me say one of the most gorgeous booths - Prima - we were drooling!! Cari was incredibly sweet and so much fun to chat with! Like a long time friend! Another star!

Julie Fei-Fan Balzar & Me - I LOVE her work and think she is one of the first mixed media scrappers, she really paved the way for the rest of us! I have been a fan of her's forever and she was so sweet and friendly!

And my MOST heard comment at CHA - you are SO TALL! lol - ok, for those that don't know and seeing as you can't see me online, I am 5'10" and not exactly a small size frame. :)

So the end of summer? It doesn't feel like it here - we still have our family vacation coming up next week, I'm looking forward to that and trying to finish up assignments this week before leaving. And trying to catch up with everyone's blogs - so fun to read and see what you have been doing this summer. See you soon!



  1. Bravo on your AMM layouts, designing a layout w/o photos is next to impossible for me!
    Love all of your CHA pics, I am green with envy. I am just dying to see what you do with all of the new Websters...
    Have a great Monday!

  2. Just adore the LO and the pics from CHA are great!!! Looks like you had a great are so very pretty!!!!! Have a great day!!! :)

  3. I hate to admit it but I was thinking through all of those pics "wow, she's tall!!!" lol you're gorgeous Lucy, and so are your pages. glad you had a great time at CHA. :)

  4. Lucy!!!! I was so happy to meet you! And Brandin is the sweetest too. I totally loved everything in the booth, and I think we ordered everything too, lol!!!! I'm so honored that you knew me! I agree, the best part was meeting the people and I'm so glad to have gotten the opportunity to meet you!!!

  5. I love that LO with stitching. So lovely! And I was about to tell you: You are so tall...... from the pics.. you are at least half a head over the rest of the girls.

  6. Fabulous layouts Lucy! Em is soooo cute.

    Glad you had a great time at CHA...:) You look great in those photos!

  7. hi lucy:)
    it was wonderful meeting you!
    tanisha got a group shot of us, when my order arrives, i'll share it with you.
    and tell your dh that you so are famous!!!

  8. Gorgeous stuff! As always! It was sooo nice to meet you in person at CHA! Thank you for getting me thinking and just enjoying this hobby! Hugs!

  9. Ahhh-you posted our pic-I love it!! You are the best girlie-I loved seeing you too. We can start our own tall girl club!!
    xoxo Cari


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