Monday, April 20, 2009

Creative Therapy and my Creative Mind

Catalyst #58 on Creative Therapy this week is what is your favorite word and why? You would think that would be easy, right? Not for me - so I chose Words of Love and altered a chocolate box to put them in using some of the beautiful Webster's Pages.

One of my newer blogging friends, Lisa, asked me a question in the last post about creative minds. I really had to laugh because not only is she a hilarious writer but having a creative mind is also called ADD by many people. It is nice to have someone think that it is a good thing. ;)

Seriously, a little of my creative process - for those who are interested. My brain is running constantly with ideas, colors, techniques, ways to interpret my erratic thoughts. I often dream about my designs and my sub-conscious will help me finish one that I am stuck on. For me the layout begins with a photo- if I am working with specific papers I may look for a photo to go with the papers but still it is the most important part - without my photos I wouldn't scrap at all, I would only do mixed media projects. Most photos give me some sort of emotion or theme to work from and I try to convey that in my project. As you might imagine I am a pretty emotional woman - I feel things very deeply and creating is one of the biggest passions in my life.

As far as designing the page - sometimes I just go with it - or something will strike me as I am selecting papers and embellishments. I also look at sketches or see something that inspires me as a starting point - but I don't usually sketch it all out - just the basic outlines. I do spend a lot of time embellishing and picking the perfect colors for my projects - to me color is the second most important thing - getting that perfect contrast or pop of color is what makes a layout for me. I am mostly self-taught in that area - but I have always sewn and made quilts so color is something I have always played with. My mom says that coloring was my favorite activity as a child. There are many great guides for color theory - I usually just think of the color wheel and what is opposite of my main color - to create a pop or make sure to have different scales of patterns to break up the design. Also - leaving a place for you eye to rest - some white space is important.

Finishing - when is it finished? Many times I have to make myself just stop and say go with it - and sometimes it just feels complete immediately. I do audition and move things around a lot to get the perfect fit and then glue at the end.

After reading this - you can see how erratic my process is - but that's how my brain works. Hope you aren't too scared after seeing a little glimpse into my creative mind. But that's me! :)
Is anyone else like that? I'd love to hear about your creative mind!
Hope you had a great weekend and I'll see you in blogland!


  1. lol ADD, I hope I have it then...
    your chocolate box is gorgeous Lucy, brilliant idea as always.

  2. NOW, I know! Thank you and double thank you! Ironically enough, my brain works in very much the same way only with words. I so wish I could harness some of your artistic ability! I do think I discovered the common thread that would explain why we both possess those ADD minds, yet you can create true works of art and I can only drool over them. I sat here nodding in agreement when I read that you are an emotional woman and you feel things deeply. That would be me as well. However, I tend to use the word passionate ...after a divorce, one tends to shy away from being called! Regardless of what your process is, YOU ROCK!!! Thanks for mentioning me and for the sweet comments. Here's hoping you have a fantastic Monday!!! :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your work is so inspiring !!! Thank You for your comment, I think that LO was the most fun I had in a while may not be the best but it has a great story. I try to laugh at things like that often. Life too short to take things like this too seriously. I so enjoy looking at your work. Have a good week :)

  4. Lucy, this box is simply amazing! Gorgeous!

    I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog the other day (okay...the other week...hee hee, I'm a little behind in my bloggin'!)

    I know what you mean about the process. Sometimes when I'm under a deadline it all just comes together. Wham. Other times, I play around with color and arrangement for quite some time!

  5. Hi Lucy! This is gorgeous, I love how you did the paper around the outside of the box!

    As I was reading this, I was nodding my head, You have amazing artistic talent my friend and I can't wait to see the new mixed media blog you are creating. I need all your help I can get!!!

    Have a great week!

  6. Lucy, I love your WORK!!!! I was checking out your Blog last night and showed Hubby some of your LO's and he said "WOW, she is GOOD!!!!" Now that is a compliment when a man notices how great your work is!!!! You did an awesome job with this one and thanks for sharing your answer to sweet Lisa's question!!!! Thank you for your support and wonderful comments on my Blog!!! Have a Happy Tuesday!

  7. Love your project for CT Lucy! Awesome to hear your creative process!

  8. WOW! This is just amazing Lucy!!!

  9. As amaze me. Beautiful work.

  10. LOVE your chocolate box Lucy!!
    And youp process is similar to mine.
    On my blog the dragonfly was embossed before painting with H2Os-the embossing resists the paint so you don't have to be too careful-that's a bonus!!

  11. Girl, you are so creative - who would have thought to alter a chocolate box?! Gorgeous!! And I loved reading about your creative process - I have the same ADD ;-) I do love when I dream of layouts, though, definitely takes away some of the work for me, lol!

  12. i knew that had to be lisa asking that question, LOL! ;) i am ADD when it comes to you have more than one thing going on? i know what you mean about a something being "done"

  13. Lucy...this is so pretty and I love how you did the edging all around. it is gorgeous!

  14. Wow...Your creative process is pretty complicated.

    Mine's a lot simpler. Because I resolved earlier this year to be a greener person, my projects involve a lot of recycling - from my scraps to other "waste" I've accumulated as a consumer. I go through those items first, then just piece everything together. If the items don't match, I paint or ink them. I throw very little away...which explains why my weekly projects have similar embellishments on them...just trying to use them all up. :)
    Great box, btw! Cheers, Y.

  15. Thank you Lucy for sharing your beautiful work and your posting is so interesting. Yes,i saw this WOW SO Gorgeous box at inspireMe!! My jaw just dropped!!! and it inspired me indeed!
    also,Thank you for coming by my blog and left me so much love.
    lotsa love from jaz

  16. The box is Fantastic Lucy!!! You are such an inspiration!!!! I have been wanting to dable in mixed media and because of your awesome work, I might give it a go!!!! Thank you for sharing your creative process too!!! Have a good day and weekend!!!:)

  17. precious precious precious.. love that box! and girl.. i'm totally like you.. erratic, insanely erratic!

  18. Hey honey, Oh my that box is just beautiful, and **congratulations** on the Webster's GD. How wonderful. I bet they ask you on their DT..... I had a quick peek at your pages, and they are divine. Especially the one with the little fence and path, how exquisite, the photo was so perfect.... anyhow, thank you so much for your constant inspiration, I think we have this mutual admiration thing (club) going..... Your work is so creative and gorgeous.
    Steph xo


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