Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creative Therapy and Art Journal

My first week for the Creative Therapy Catalyst was a fun experiment for me. The challenge is - what is something you have always wanted to learn? And you know me - I am always trying new things but so often I am left with bits and pieces of things and one thing I wanted to work on this year is try to combine techniques and finish more projects.

So I started with some wire work I was playing with months ago - the bird nest and the paper beads I made that I had not used and added them to a fiber art piece. The base is felt with cloth and fibers covered with tulle and stitched together. Then I burned holes from the back side and embroidered around the holes and added a little surface stitching and the beads. I am very pleased with the result. If you get the chance I hope you will play along with us! :)

And some art journal pages - We are working on multiple layers in this week - building up to 12 on one page - I am struggling a bit not to let them get muddy and have had to paint over parts and rework - but I am learning a lot and enjoying the process. It is harder than I thought to work in such a random way - without an idea of what I want the end result to be.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I'll see you soon! :)


  1. fantastic art !! i have been going through the old comments on my blog and re-found you!

  2. FLIPPIN AWESOME!! Just so rich of talent and your gift is deep darling!

  3. I love that fibre piece- its just too gorgeous! and your pages for the AJ are amazing too!

  4. wow you have been busy haven't you?
    Your work is amazing, I could look at it for ages, well done.

  5. OMG girl, you are so incredibly talented. I just love your art, so eclectic and visual. So inspired.
    Steph xo

  6. oh girly... I am staring at each piece of your art work for SOOOOO long... such amazing pieces. Love it. How did you do that? I esp love the one with the hearts and that spat of paint... I am in awe!

  7. Your art is amazing, more than that, your fibre-piece is taking my breath away. And I am so inspired by your art journal, this is something I would love to be able to achieve one day. I am already using these as inspiration for my project 365 pages I started working on today ... needless to say they don't look anything like yours (it's my first attempt), but I'm having fun! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!
    xxx Peggy

  8. Hey you.......didn't I just talk to you on the phone awhile ago, lol. Great piece you made for Creative Therapy. I love that little nest and the paper beads. Your jounal pages are fabulous also. Looks like you are having a great time with them. I have to say that the third and 4th one down are my fave. Love those colors. can't wait to see more :)

  9. Lucy!! I love it all! I love the wire. I love wire though... :)

  10. Wow you are unbelievably talented girl! These are incredibly gorgeous...all of them!
    Can't wait to see the finished work!!!

  11. fabulous art indeed for CT !

    & your art journal pages are looking mighty fine !

  12. Lovely work! You've really inspired me...I might try the creative therapy challenge this week..:)

  13. oh my gosh! Your art is fabulous! I love the fiber pieces! Beautiful art!



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