Friday, January 2, 2009

January Peeks and Preview

January at Scrapmuse is all about black and white - fresh and clean, bright and new. Traci's challenge to us was to do one layout that was only b&w - and the others to add one color to each layout. It was surprisingly freeing to work in such a limited color palette - I put together some little sneaks to show you what colors I chose to work with:

Here is the kit preview:

And my b&w layout - This is an older photo of Em at Orange Beach last fall.

So, how has your new year started? I enjoyed going around to every one's blogs and reading about your thoughts for 2009. One trend I noticed is positive thinking and organization - both of those are on my list, organization especially. And I have been creating everyday - of course, it is only the 2nd! ;D

Best wishes to you all in the coming year!! Happy Creating!


  1. Can't wait to see them all! That b&w one is gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  2. I cam across your blog today and so happy that I did...lots of eyecandy! Just love all your projects and what a great challenge Idea...need to think on this!

  3. AWESOME cannot wait to see the colors cuz from here they look fab. So far the year is kicking off to a great start .. Happy Saturday


  4. Great sneaks and layout, Lucy!
    Great job with the challene!
    One of my goals for 2009 was to keep my scrappy space tidy.... and so far, so good!

  5. oh i love that idea about the bl& wh kit and just adding one color to each...i can't wait to see more!

  6. happy new year Lucy, the layout looks fantastic

  7. These just turned out beautifully...You really did an amazing job with the black and white. So happy to be be close enough to see your work. You are always an inspiration to me...having fun is a bonus! Happy New Year and have fun with your organizing! ;)

  8. Fantastic kit! I love the lo- that bright swimsuit is a real eye grabber!

  9. Add me to the list of people trying to get organized! LOL! I'm TERRIBLE at organization so this is a real challenge for me!

    I love your black and white layout!!!

    Michelle @ AMM

  10. Lucy I love the black and white layout with Emma in her swimsuit....she is just a doll and I love how you cut out the center of the paper!

    When you get a chance could you please leave me a little note of email on what mixed media site be best for me to learn from??
    Thanks Lucy so much!

  11. That kit looks beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing your sneaks, Lucy, and your b&w page is so awesome. Love that bold design. Cool idea to add just one color to the b&w scheme.

  12. I love the b/w!!! Awesome LO's Lucy!!! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!! Happy New Year!!!!

  13. a very forward looking kit , Lucy ! It's supposed to be a trend this year b&W + one color highlight - can't wait to see the reveal !

    I;m not one for organizing at all - I end up less efficient ços I can't rememnber where things end up after organizing ! lol I'd say purge enough to get up more productive than before !


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