Monday, January 5, 2009

Contests and other crafty endeavors..

We are having a fun contest this month at Scrapmuse - the challenge is to combine products from all of your kits from 2008 and create a layout. You can see the details here. Here is my take on the challenge:

And a close-up of my background showing the texture from collaging the papers onto canvas, then shading with charcoal and some machine stitching.

My other crafty passion - quilting - Kaffe Fassett is my favorite fabric and quilt designer! A quilt like this one was on the cover of one of his books - I made my own version only in a smaller scale - I am using it over a sideboard table between my kitchen and dining room - it looks lovely there! This is a photo of my quilt:

And a little toot - I got layout of the week at AMM with my Life is in the Details layout! You can see the blog post about me here:

Also, I have been trying, with trying being the key word, to organize my studio this weekend. Em, Mom and I went to Gainesville to try to find some decorative storage stuff and I have torn into everything to purge and organize! Oh, boy! Let me tell you, DISASTER OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!! Hopefully, I will find my way out of this mess soon. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, seeing as that gene is missing from my DNA. ;D

Have a fabulous and creative week!! I'll be by to check in with everyone soon!


  1. I love Kasse Fasset too. I am not a quilter, just a lover of fabrics. Post a pic of your quilt, pleeeease!

  2. I meant Kaffe Fassett! TYPO! :)

  3. I am an idiot, Lori!! That was the photo of my quilt - my wording was confusing! I edited it, so now you can tell that it is a photo of my quilt. Sorry! :)

  4. No tips from me. I HAD to make some room on the floor so my dh could change the light bulb. So messy in here.
    Love the quilt and the layout!
    Congrats ont the layout of the week!

  5. Yup, I have some KF fabric too! Though it's too pretty to cute (just yet) :). Pretty quilt!!!

  6. LOVE that layout and the quilt sweets! If you get any good tips...pass them my way. It is always a trash-hole in my room LOL.

  7. Wow, Lucy you are sooo talented!
    What a gorgeous quilt...I wish I could do that!
    Congrats on layout of the week....Well deserved my friend!

    What a cool idea with the patchwork on this layout of you...Love it!

    Organization...well...I try but it doesnt always stay that way...I am definitely not the person to ask about that!! LOL

    Oh, I sent you an email...check your inbox when you get a second...

  8. You are so crafty, Lucy!! I love to quilt also..haven't made one since my daughter was born though (3 years ago). I have a material fetish like my scrapbooking paper fetish! LOL

  9. WOW that quilt is amazing girl .. love it and that layout girl is the bomb..thanks for coming through and rooting me on, in my journey to get sexy LOLOL .. hugs to you .. and Happy Monday


  10. You can quilt too!!!! WOAH! You are so talented! Awesome texture on your layout!

  11. I must tell you that the layout that you did like the quilt is TO DIE FOR! I think I would have so much fun just sitting down with you and looking through all of your scrapbooks. You are easily becoming one of my favorite scrapbookers. Very inspiring. ;)

    Michelle @ AMM

  12. I LOVE your quilt!! I sooo wish I knew (or had the patience) to do it! It is beautiful!
    No good advice here, either. My room is PIG STY!

  13. you are so crafty! the quilt is gorgeous. i have every one my grandmother made and cherish them. Congrats at AMM lotw!

  14. Love your LO! And your quilt is amazing! I would love to be able to do something like that!
    Congrats on LO of the week!
    Good luck on the clean up! You'll have to share some post clean up photos!!!

  15. Wow, amazing layout, Lucy!!! And your quilt is drop dead gorgeous!!

  16. Wow what a gorgeous quilt!!! I haven't quilted in so many years....I really should renew that passion. I have an attic full of fabric....I hoard it like I do paper...LOL!

    Congrats on LOTW!! It's Beautiful!!

  17. Congrats on LOW.. You just rock everything put in your hands!

    That Collage layout is so cool. It looks fab!

  18. Oh wow! That layout is amazing! And what a beautiful quilt!

  19. Hey Lucy

    Bad Girls Kits will be having a DT call - whaddaya know ! lol - some mention in the latest newsletter !

    5 of the existing DT team are leaving.

    I am sorta surprised they have to do a call anyway ! oh well !

    I sure hope you're going for it and the deets are out ! lol !

  20. Love the layout at the top. I seriously need to think of some new adjectives to use cuz i must sound like a broken record when i leave my comments, lol. Beautiful quilt also :)


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