Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Did that title catch your eye? My friend, Audrey demonstrated how to make these dimensional ATCs in her article in Somerset Workshop so I had to make some, too. Mine are layered with stamped tissue paper and wax.

I used some photos of my dad's parents when they were young - I have a postcard my grandpa sent to my grandma when he was in the Navy during WWII. I copied it and used it on the side of one of the chunkies. Weren't they so beautiful and young?

This chunky is of my dad and his brothers - he is the youngest - the 2nd from the left. I used some ink to stain the wood and then darkened the edges with a contrasting color - the title is 'boys like flowers too'.

My studio is still looking pretty good - Nan and Gayle came over and helped me mess it up yesterday. ;) We worked on some paper beads that you dip into UTEE and glitter and fibers and mess! Lots of fun!! I am going to do a technique project with the beads for our Altered Minds group and needed to work out the kinks. I'll share some photos later - for now they are in my flickr if you want to see.
Been scrapping, too! Just finished up my Scrapmuse projects for next month - I'll share some sneaks later on.
Thanks so much for the comments on the studio overhaul!! You all made my week!! Happy creating and see you soon!


  1. These are really, really cool!
    I wish I was good at this kind of collage crafty stuff!

    And you certainly clean up well girl! Love how you organized your scrappy room!

  2. Wow these are awesome, and I love the size!

  3. you are so creative and good at thinking outside the box!
    Love your work, Lucy!!

  4. What an interesting idea - a chunky ATC ! Yours turned out really nicely !

    & your studio clean up looks most impressive ! lol - glad it's mostly over for you now !

  5. How fun!!! They turned out great!

  6. the chunkies did catch my eyes ! =)
    So cool ! Look like they can be used as paper weights too !!

  7. Lovely Chunkies! I've wanted to make some ever since I read her article too!

  8. those chunkies are just too cool, Lucy! I love all your mixed-media projects. So funny to see you posting blocks today, because I was just thinking about them. Took my DD to the library, and they had some display cases with large children's blocks, and I was thinking how I wish I could get my hands on some and alter them with photos. And here you are! You're just too good!
    So....could you keep up with that chat last night???

  9. Lucy these came out fabulous!
    Gosh, You look just like your Grandma...

    Exactly what did you do with the wax?? I gotta try this!

    Have a wonderful week!

  10. To answer Meg's question - I stamp on white or beige tissue paper with Stazon ink and then tear out the image. Then apply it with beeswax that I have heated in my melting pot - be sure to use an old brush that you don't mind throwing away. After it sets a bit I will hit it with the heat gun and it becomes transparent.

  11. coool! so cool!

    hey i just bought some wax and i can't wait to play with it, i thought of you when i got it ;)

  12. i seen her chunkies in somerset and i fell in love with the idea of them...yours look stunning also..i love the different elements and layers...awesome work!


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