Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Hopefully by now we have all finished our shopping and can sit back and relax and enjoy Christmas with our friends and families. I am ready!

Just a little scrapping to share that I finished up this week, between wrapping gifts and making cookies with Em. Still using some of the Teresa Collins products from CMK - I have a mini almost finished I can't wait to share!

Just wanted to tell how I did this stitching on the layout - I used to do a lot of bobbin embroidery with the machine and this is a simple way to use heavy threads that really stand out. You can use basic or decorative stitches on your sewing machine to get a heavy stitch that will really stand out.

1. You start by winding your decorative thread onto your bobbin - I used a size 8 Pearl Cotton here. - just hold it by hand and wind it on. If you can - you can use the bobbin winder on your machine, just don't put the heavy thread through the tension. Another thread I like is Glamour by Maderia

2. When you load the bobbin into the bobbin case bypass your bobbin tension - with a drop in bobbin just leave it free and pull it up with your upper thread by dropping the needle and holding onto the upper thread, it should grab the heavy thread in the bobbin and pull it right up - if you have a bobbin case - thread it through the hole in the side of the bobbin case and then, use your upper thread to pull it up.

3. The upper thread should be a regular sewing thread - a color to match or blend with the decorative thread is good.

4. The main difference is that the bobbin thread is what you will want to show so stitch from the back side of you paper. So when you flip it over the bobbin thread is on the top.

A couple of tips - don't backstitch, and hold your threads when you start. Lengthen your stitch- if it is a decorative stitch make it wider and longer if you can. Stitch slowly to start. This works great with a simple zig-zag or feather stitch. Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to email me - My little Christmas gift to you! ;)

Oh, and a little toot! My alterd layout that I made for my CMK DT entry is on the Catwalk at SIS this week!!

Our decorated Christmas cookies - did you know Santa LOVES sprinkles? How cute is my little assistant? Some how I couldn't find any food color - so they just had snow frosting. Also couldn't find my rolling pin, either - disorganized, much?

I am making Christmas dinner at my house tomorrow and have been cooking and getting my prep work done. Em has been a big help cooking and wrapping presents.

Em is always wanting to wear my nightgowns - she thinks they are so beautiful and she wants to be just like me. I hope that lasts a while. Sorry if this post seems a little disjointed, I couldn't get my photos to line up like I wanted.

I love this photo Mark took of us with the lights from the tree - So I will leave you with this - Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. See you soon!


  1. That stitching looks so cool-- I will definitely have to try that (I'm sure I'll be back with questions-- LOL!) Great layout, too!!
    Merry Christmas, Lucy!

  2. wow Lucy, I love this stitching idea!
    Gorgeous pic of you and Emma.
    Merry Christmas my friend, Ihope Santa brings you all kinds of goodies!

    P.s. where do you get your gaffer tape??

  3. I so love that adorable picture of you and your daughter....fab layout too.

  4. Love the layout so much! Your DD is so darling! I was at a bookstore last night and ran across a layout with your DD in it and looked at the name of who designed it, just to confirm it was you, but it was someone else. I thought ~ OMG! They got the designer's name wrong, but it was someone noting that they had to scrap your DD because she is so cute! I have to agree! She is a cutie patootie!!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

    Michelle @ A Million Memories

  5. what cool stitching! thanks for sharing. :D

  6. Oooh, that last photo is so gorgeous!! Love that! And love your little helper. My DD still loves to help me, too. SO sweet! She made some of our special dinner tonight that we are going to sit down to soon.
    Your layout and stitching are fabulous. Even though I do a bit of sewing, I still couldn't quite follow your directions. LOL!
    Have a wonderful holiday, Lucy!!

  7. HOw cool.. the stitching is great! Blessed Christmas, Lucy... so glad to 'know' you online, my scrappy friend.

  8. OK, I worked on the instructions some - hope that they make sense now! lol

    It is hard to describe but is actually really simple. ;D

  9. OMG.. the last photo took my breath away! Merry Xmas!

  10. Merry Christmas, Lucy!!
    Fab layout!!

  11. What a fun post Lucy! Thanks for sharing yourself with us! Love your style! Great job with the TC stuff this month! Hugs! SHanna

  12. Thanks for sharing the stitching tip! I am still the basic sewer....I may venture to the zig zag - LOL. Anyway - you totally grooved on the TC stuff. Your work is awesome and best of luck with the CMK DT tryout! Merry Christmas to and loved the post!

  13. Love the stitching!!!! How did you get the perfect circle???? Thanks for the tips. I am new to sewing on paper and haven't really experimented with decorative stitches and I have a ton to play with.
    The cookies are so cure, I really like how you decorated them. I did my first batch of sugar cookies last night.
    Love that photo of you two, so pretty.
    Merry Christmas.

  14. wow Lucy! that stitching looks HAND stitched~! Simply gorgeous! Love your photos (Christmas lights are REALLY a beautiful way to light a photograph :)

    Merry Christmas to you!

  15. I had to laugh at Michelle's comment! What she is talking about is a tray that my friend Audrey (an artist on call for Somerset) made with a photo of Emma that was in the latest Somerset Memories. I guess Em has one of those faces!

  16. lucy, your work always look wonderful! thanks for the stitching tutorial, I might have to try it! :)

  17. Oh wow, lucy, that is a stunning photo!! And I absolutely love that layout and the stitching - I still need to investigate if my machine even does cool stitches, lol! Hope you had a great holiday!!


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