Monday, December 29, 2008

After Christmas Report

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with Emma this year, she was so excited about Santa and her gifts. She helped me with so many things, wrapping the gifts, setting the table, baking cookies- it was so fun to see the magic of Christmas through her eyes....and speaking of through her eyes - I made this mini using photos that she took with her little camera on a walk last week. I had received this mini album in my Teresa Collins products from CMK and thought this would be a fun idea.

I loved being a Guest Designer for Create My Keepsake this month! Hope I get to stay on full time! ;D

Also wanted to share this photo of my parents with Em. She so adores her grandparents and they adore her, too. We are so fortunate that they live only about 5 miles from us.

And it wouldn't be a Christmas report without a rundown on the gifts. Em was so excited to see her new Barbie Jeep!! Uh, oh....I see someone is already picking up some bad driving habits - both hands on the wheel!!

I was delighted to receive some Golden fluid acrylics and mediums! And my fave - a Nikon Coolpix for my pocket - to catch those spontaneous shots when I don't have my DSLR handy. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday time with your family and friends! See you soon!


  1. Lucy-I SO adore your style-it is SO UNIQUE! I really hope you get a DT spot at CMK.

    Good luck (again)
    LOve your little book you made of your DD's photos :)

  2. Cute album! And great pics by your DD.

  3. That little book is so cute! You have such a fun style! Love it! best of luck with CMK!!

  4. cute cute! just cute, she is a doll! and i esp love that pic of her feet in that scalloped circle.

  5. awesome mini! love the mini-car too!

  6. LOVE your mini girl .. it is so full, and look at the lil princess in her jeep "beep beep" ..

    Happy New Year


  7. I just adore this album Lucy!
    I am cheering for you for the dt spot at CMK! You deserve it girl!

    Em looks so cute in that jeep!

  8. Hi Lucy! Once again, I must say how much I do love your little mini with your DD's photos. SO packed with goodness and such a great idea. You really showcased the CMK products this month. I really wish you good luck in the DT search. Not much longer now to wait!
    Love your Christmas photos, too. Kids make the holidays so magic and special once again, don't they?

  9. GORGEOUS book Lucy! WOW! :D You have such a fabulous style!!

    GOOD LUCK with CMK!! :D

  10. Lucy you WILL get a DT place with CMK, there's no doubt about that, this book is stunning, what brilliant memories you've kept here.
    love the Barbie jeep too, Emma looks like a natural driver!! :)
    Happy New Year when it comes! x


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