Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 10!!! (or 11)

I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw MY name on the honor roll for Top Designer last night!!! I actually had tears in my eyes! Un-believable!!! The little girl in me can't imagine being classed with the talent going on in the competition. there can be only one.

Here is the LO I created for Week 6 - Breaking the Rules. I absolutely love this - it turned out just as I imagined it.

This is a magical photo to me - The biggest rule I broke is a personal one - let go and don't overwork it! I will have to try to break it more often, I think. :)

I tore out the center of the scalloped MM paper and sewed it onto the LO and then added some crackle paint for texture.

So, the suspense will really be building this week. I am already so nervous!! lol I'll keep you posted!

btw - what do you think of my new blog banner?


  1. You'll do fine - you're SOOOOO talented! :D CONGRATS! And the banner? Super cute too! :D

  2. This is such a great LO!! I was sssssssoooooooexcited you were on that final honor roll!!! Keep it up!! And I love the banner....great photo ;)

  3. What a nice LO, its lovely, i hope one day do lo like yours.

    Thanks for visit my blog, and yes, it was me on scrap muse

    Its curious, so far in the earth, and so near on internet.

    Nice to see you again

  4. OK, I am so very happy for you Lucy!!! This LO is awesome and to put crackle paint...who da thunk???!!!!!

    Second, I am lovin' your new banner. I noticed it right off!!! So very you!!!! Just too cute!!

    Thirdly, The paper you asked about on my blog is the Collage Press Camden papers!!! It came in the Create My Keepsake October Monthly Kit!!!!

    Thank you for all of your sweet comments!!! :)

    Oh and good luck!!!!!!!! YAY!!

  5. You so deserve to be in the top 10or err 11 :) fabulous layout and you do great work!!!

  6. Okay Lucy here comes my cheer again.....give me a L...give me a u...give me a c....give me a y....what does that spell??
    GOOOOOO LUCY!!!!!!! Yipeee!!!! I am so excited for you...nothing better than seeing your friends grab a hold of their dreams and run with them!!! I think this layout is STUNNING!!! I know exactly why they picked you!!!!

  7. Oh, I was so busy doing my cheer I forgot to tell you that I Love the new is totally "Lucy style"!!!

  8. This page is awesome! I love the little Bambi! I love the layout too!

  9. Woo Hoo! Congrats, you deserve it!!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! You have been blessed with incredible creative talent. I am a Fairy lover and can appreciate the work that went into this piece. Good luck with the next level!

  11. Wow, lucy, you are blowing me away girl!! You totally deserve to be in the top - big huge congrats to you!! I am wishing you the best for this week! And I just saw the layouts from the previous post, too - no wonder you've made it this far, girl... you're amazing! That boots layout with the bricks is my favorite!

  12. Gorgeous layout and I love all the little details. That pic is stunning :)

  13. What a beautiful layout!! The little details are amazing!

  14. I love the lo and congratulations!!!

  15. Love the layout Lucy...more certainly worked best :)
    Your banner is gorgeous too!!
    How do you make banners like that??


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