Monday, October 27, 2008

Final Exam - Top Designer

The final exam for Top Designer was Creative Altering- at first I thought this would be a breeze for me- seeing as I love mixed media, too! ;) Well, let me tell you, this project has blood, sweat and tears on it! (literally)

I started off looking at the thrift stores with Nan for some cool items to repurpose and found a silver casserole dish holder that I was going to mount the mixed media and heart into and it ended up being too small and the scale seemed off for me - so then this is Thursday by now- I headed up to Home Depot to look for some other type of frame and viole'!! (not exactly)

Here is the air conditioner duct frame I chose to work with - did you know that insulation can made you bleed? lol I painted it black and then used a rusting solution that I made a mad dash down to Michaels for - I thought it turned out pretty cool!

The flowers I made from circles of organza that I burned the edges with a candle flame to curl and sewed pearls in the centers. The muse is stamped onto an alcohol inked domino.

Here is a side shot so you can see the depth. The box is about 5 inches deep and lined with black velvet. The silver spots are brads - to look like stars.

I made my butterfly by stamping onto organza and layering 2 pieces together with fusible web - cutting it out and then glittering with stickles.

My mixed media background is on watercolor paper and has layers of stamped tissue paper, paint and vintage book pages collaged. The heart is quilted onto felt with velvet, burlap and sheer fabric and hand beaded to represent my heart - mended and in many pieces. The jar on the side is filled with words from my heart - my hope and dreams - good and the bad.

It was possibly the most intense piece I have ever made and I feel the most personal, too. No matter what happens in the competition I am so happy with what I have learned and how I have grown creatively over the last 7 weeks. The winner will be announced this week and I feel like I am in good company - the other ladies work is stunning and I can't imagine how they will choose just one.


  1. Lucy this is STUNNING!!! I can tell a lot of work went into this and I have to say that you are definately a winner in my book!

  2. Holy cow! It looks intense! You are amazing!

  3. Just amazing Lucy!!!!! How many hours did this piece take you???!!!!!! I love it and Good Luck!!!!!!

  4. Lucy, you are 100% AMAZING! Love everything you do! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while.. just been so busy. Great work girl!

  5. Absolutely amazing Lucy! uh-oh...I feel a cheer coming on!!! LOL

  6. I can see how much you put into this and the end result is nothing short of amazing!! You should be SO proud of yourself!! And I'm still rooting for ya!!!

  7. Wow wow wow! Loved reading about it all. You did such a great job Lucy. Good luck!

  8. ditto to Lisa, good luck, this really is amazing.

  9. WOW! What a piece of art work!!! It is beautiful! Good luck with the contest!

  10. wow. this is stunning Lucy, and you can totally see that it's a lot of work, so might have been worth it

    really love this. fantastic ideas as usual!

  11. I saw this on SIS and I think its really unique and amazing! It must have taken a lot of work! great job!


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