Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July PHutch Sketches

These are the LOs I did for PHutch Sketches this month. The first one is my favorite and is a two-page LO that I did all digital. The kit is by Little Dreamer Designs. I blended 2 papers together - the green and the yellow gingham so I was more impressed with myself than I should be. lol
The second is the one-page LO and I moved the photos around some because my photos blurred together too much all in one group. Em looked so cute making her b-day wish.

I was never much of a card maker before, but I am starting to enjoy the small format and using my scraps from other projects.

It has been a crazy week for me. We were out of town and then Em got a stomach virus for the first time. She says that vomiting is "disgusting". I had to laugh with her expressions. She talks so much like an adult now. At a restaurant this week, she told the waitress "Excuse me, ma'am. But I don't like this water. May I have some tea?" We all just busted out laughing because how many 3 year olds talk like that? BTW- don't try to give Em any city water - she doesn't like the chlorine taste! LOL She seems to be feeling better this evening. It is so hard to see your kids sick. Isn't it?
Got to get busy on some projects I want to submit to Somerset. I have been told that I will never be pubbed if I don't submit. Hmmmm. Maybe that is the problem. I should give that a try. ; )


  1. Wonderful creations!!! Card making is fun! Sorry to hear that your little one was ill but glad that she better. They do say the funniest things, don't they? They are awesome!!!

  2. Lucy, I love how the digital layout came out!
    Wow, Em turned 3 already! She is so beautiful and so funny!! You never know what they might say!!
    I dont think you will have any problem getting published, definitely not, your work is awesome!

  3. Must be the week for two page lyouts digital. Ijust finished one this week. The file was huge. You layout is just grand. Check mine out. See you Sunday.

  4. Yeah Lucy, I can see some truth in that not getting pubbed if you don't submit thought process! LOL!
    I love the picture of Em with her eyes closed just concentrating hot and heavy on that wish thing. That is the cutest ever!

  5. Wow, i'm impressed with your digi LO - I can't do digital to save my life, lol. Love that other LO you posted and the card. I don't make cards very much, either, but I'm thinking I may try it more!

  6. The digital layout turned out great. I don't know anything about digital.....maybe one day. I wonder what Emma wished for because she is really concentrating, lol. And the card is fabulous.


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