Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vintage Altered Plate

Well here is my altered plate that I made for the altered club!! I am really pleased with how it came out. The gluing was a little tricky. I used E-6000, which has the most horrible odor. Make sure you ventilate if you ever use it!
This photo is of my grandma who was born is 1917 & I believe it was taken when she graduated from HS. I had this picture in my room when I was growing up & it has always been so special to me. Grandma told my mom that the blouse she was wearing was a black satin tunic. I just love the flowers at her throat and I tried to give a similar effect with the embellishments. I have a couple more plates to do & I will hang them together in my dining room.
Well, I am off to see what the other ladies have created!! Can't wait to see every one's plates & share mine.


  1. Hey Lucy, i sure enjoyed the class
    today, and your plate is so beautiful, love all the different textures you used.(really liked the earring you put on there).

  2. Your plate is so beautiful and as always I love the sentiment you always seem to be able to express through all of your work!!

  3. Absolutely stunning! I can only imagine how more stunning in real life it is. Love the vintage look with the doily and flowers. Make sure to show the other plates when you are done :)

  4. This was a great project and I loved your plate. Every little touch said something special.


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