Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged....

Iris tagged me today. so here are 7 things you might not know about me....

1. i love to read - mostly sci-fi & mystery

2. i hate to put away laundry. isn't the dryer just like a big drawer?

3. i don't think i could do a LO without patterned paper. it is my favorite addiction.

4. i used to teach quilting classes & love to sew. my mom taught me to sew when i was 12 & i made lots of my own clothes.

5. i was home-schooled. i'm still not sure what i want to do about Emma's. but i still have a couple of years to decide.

6. i love sugar. almost anything sweet. which isn't good for my weight.

7. i am trying to learn to not be my own worst critic. but i still love myself inperfections & all.

ok that's me!! I'm tagging Gayle & Chelsea.


  1. I was wondering whether you were going to do the tag!! Sugar? Lucy? Really? LOL!

  2. haha I so laughed at number two! And I share the sugar thing and paper thing with you also. Thanks for doing this Lucy! I enjoyed reading about you.


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