Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blogging Inspiration

This is one of the most beautiful magazines that I have ever seen!!!! Actually this is what inspired me to start a blog. Before this I thought blogging was just people rambling about their daily lives...what they had for breakfast, minutia, nauseum. Well I have seen a very different light. One of a community of like minded people who share & get support from their friends & friends to be. I have never been able to keep a daily journal before, and now I am using a sketch book for a very loose journal-sketchbook. I have never given my artwork the credit it deserves (in my mind). That it is a creation from my heart & soul & has great significance to me. If others can enjoy it to, well so much the better. I was so fearful of what "real" artists would think or say about my work but I am slowly realizing that I need to only focus on the creative journey. My crafty life. So thank you, Somerset Studio for a magazine of creativity & celebrating the blogger!

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