Monday, February 25, 2008

This really spoke to me

In Somerset Memories (Feb/Mar) I saw a quote that really reflected how I am feeling about my art right now:
Your true passion should feel like breathing - it's that natural. -Oprah Winfrey.
It feels wonderful to feel that way about anything. I hope you all find that in your lives in any form.

On with the creating - I found some pens that I just love at the Creative Palette. They are like white-out only in color! They are awesome - you can write on any surface. I used them yesterday on this lo for the doodling, journaling on transparency & on the photo. (isn't Em cute here? she has just started liking baby dolls)
Just wanted to show off my new painting that my mom painted for me. I just love it & it looks fabulous in my dining room. This is the first painting my mom has ever done for me, so it is really special. I think I get a lot of my artistic talent from my mom. She taught me how to do so many creative things. Sewing, decorating, painting (that isn't my forte) & much more. Thanks Mom!

See how great it looks in my dining room. :)

Just one more thing today. I mounted a mixed-media project that I did this summer. I was reading "Mixed Media Exploration" by Beryl Taylor - her work is absolutely amazing! This is my attempt at a collage collection of mixed media elements. You can see her book at

it is one of my favorites.

Thanks for listening & looking with me today. I'm enjoying this more & more.


  1. that project is the cutest!! something about it... I love to bits! and a great quote!

  2. That's a beautiful painting your Mom did and does look great in the dining room. I have no talent for painting myself finding it hard to even draw straight lines...I do enjoy doodling though, and those new pens look like the perfect doodle item!

    Your mixed mis came out great and the close ups are terrific, I always like to play I spy with detail. Probably that OCD thing I have!
    Em is too cute, the picture on the left is the best!


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