Saturday, February 23, 2008

Creative Palette

Today we went to the Creative Palette in Georgia. There were some great altered art samples on display. I especially enjoyed Patricia DiBona's work (you can see her at I am so excited to try a polymer clay project that Barbara McGuire showed us. I bought a beautiful sheet of angel wing stamps. It is an angel on a canvas & dimensional with the clay. Another neat thing we found was white out pens in pastel colors. They write beautifully on dark papers. I can see all kinds of use for them.
I really love experimenting with altered art. It feels so creative & exciting. This is an altered canvas I completed a few months ago. When I figure out how to get my slide show to work, I 'll post more of my work. Thanks to all of my friends who posted on my first blog. I felt a thrill to see that I had comments!

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  1. The wings are very cool, I can't wait to see them. I love this collage you did. Di Bona does a weekend retreat too, that I would like to go to one day... it's one of those tapping and channeling your creativity things. You're too young to attend, I know you get my drift on that one!


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